Market Notes: Small Tomatoes

Once they’re in season, I indulge as much as possible in luscious tomatoes of every kind but, when it comes to preserving, my tomato of choice are the smaller ones. Some of the varieties now popping up at Seacoast farmers’ markets, such as these yellow blush plums, and the smaller Principe Borghese, are particularly suited for putting up.

While these tomatoes can be enjoyed in their fresh state, their skin tends to be thicker, encasing denser flesh and smaller seed cavities. Once stored, these distinguishing characteristics help them keep their texture longer and flavor brighter.

The ones pictured here have been simply split in half, spread out on a sheet pan, and given a quick spritz of olive oil. While cherry tomatoes usually take about two hours of roasting time in a 200°F oven, these have been left to slowly concentrate for double that time before being packed in jars then stashed in the freezer for enjoying far beyond summer.

For more ideas, check out “Five Ways to Preserve Small Tomatoes” over at Food in Jars.

2 thoughts on “Market Notes: Small Tomatoes

  1. thanks for this post Deb. i’d not only somehow forgotten about the pure bliss of slow roasted tomatoes, but this introduced me to the lovely site, Food in Jars. score!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, MJ! So far it’s been a great season for tomatoes, and there’s an amazing array of heirloom varieties on offer at the farmers’ markets — a feast for the eyes as well as the palate!

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