Vendor Spotlight: Dani Lee Pottery

This week’s vendor spotlight is a little different, because we are not discussing a farmer or food producer, but a potter. Dani Lee Pottery can be found at farmers markets including Portsmouth, Derry, and Dover (Sundays), for more information on dates and locations you can click here. Dani Lee is 24 years old and has been doing pottery for 5 years. She owns her own wheel and kiln and her studio is located in Exeter Station Properties. Creating pottery can be a lengthy but rewarding process but you can tell she truly loves her craft. The process starts with the clay that comes in boxes that are 50 pounds! Dani Lee then separates them into smaller pieces in the shape of a ball that will eventually become mugs, bowls, and other creative things.

One of the formed balls then gets thrown on the wheel to begin the process. It drys for 1 to 2 days to become “leather hard,” dry enough to handle but wet enough to mold. She then trims unnecessary pieces off and allows the piece to dry until “bone dry,” at this stage it’s called greenware. After becoming bone dry, pieces go in the kiln which is set to 1950 degrees Fahrenheit to become what is called “bisqueware.” Once cooled, the glazes get painted on, she then loads them into the kiln which is 2222 degrees Fahrenheit. This stage allows the glaze to become glass and the clay becomes water resistant. This second firing process takes 6.5 hours and the cooling takes 8-10 hours before Dani Lee can open the kiln and see her finished product. Though a lengthy process, the end product is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Next time you’re at the farmers market make sure you stop by her tent to say hello and look at her art. You can also find her online on her website, Instagram, and Facebook.

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