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Seacoast Eat Local provides local business organizations and communities the opportunity to sponsor programming initiatives throughout the year, in return for advertising space and other benefits. Our programs reach many thousand people across the region through a mix of in person, digital and print media totaling approximately 13,000 contact points.

Currently, sponsorship opportunities include supporting the Winter Farmers’ Market series and our Seacoast Harvest publication at varying levels of commitment.  Payment for sponsorships is easy and convenient with our online form and our staff are willing answer any potential questions that may arise or provide consultation on the best sponsorship options for your situation.

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Sponsorship information for the Winter Famers’ Market Series

Sponsorship information for Seacoast Harvest

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Winter Farmers’ Market Sponsorship Opportunities

Seacoast Eat Local is seeking sponsors to support the winter farmers’ market season. These community events are an important venue for Seacoast residents to connect with area growers and learn more about the nutritional, ecological, and economic benefits of a strong local food system. This sponsorship opportunity will provide your business with up to six months of access to a base of engaged consumers, farmers, small business owners, and active community members.

Sponsors will receive recognition opportunities on our website, through social media, in our e-newsletters, and at markets. Exposure through these platforms will easily exceed reaching 7,000 individuals in the Seacoast region!

Please see the below link for details on sponsorships which will help sustain the winter markets – and thank you for your generous support!

Winter Farmers’ Market Sponsorship Package

Online payment for sponsorships is available

For more information, contact Shawn Menard, Program Director at [email protected]


Seacoast Harvest Sponsorship Opportunities

Seacoast Harvest is an annual publication which reaches 8,000 Seacoast residents in print and thousands more through our searchable online platform. It is a free publication and there is no cost for farmers to list in the directory. We believe that our publication should be accessible to all people and able to benefit all farmers. This effort is made possible through business sponsorships and private donations.

Private donations are accepted in any amount. Those who donate $25 or more receive a copy of Seacoast Harvest mailed to their home. Those who donate $100 are listed in our publication as Seed Sponsors.

Businesses, farms and other enterprises have the opportunity to purchase advertising space in Seacoast Harvest through multiple sponsorship opportunities. Every sponsorship comes with public recognition of some kind. Prominence of advertising is dependent on the sponsorship level.

Click Here to View Seacoast Harvest Sponorship Opportunities

All donations are 100% tax-deductible. To become a Seacoast Harvest sponsor/donor, please use the link below. Any questions may be directed to Shawn Menard, Program Director at [email protected]