Just Label It: We Have the Right to Know What’s in Our Food!

93% of Americans think genetically engineered food should be labeled. What’s surprising is that it isn’t. Meanwhile much of the rest of the world — including Japan, Australia, the European Union and China — already requires genetically engineered foods to be clearly labeled. With the backing of more than 350 partner organizations, the “Just Label It: We Have A Right to Know” campaign is petitioning the FDA to require labeling of genetically engineered food.

There are many reasons to want labeling of genetically engineered foods but above all, we all want to make informed choices about the food we eat and feed our families. We have a right to know if what we are eating has been genetically engineered.

Tell the FDA that you want to know what’s in your food and sign the petition!

To avoid GE foods, buy USDA certified organic (organic standards prohibit the use of GE ingredients), look for Non-GMO Project Verified Non-GMO products, and avoid packaged food, much of which contains GE ingredients. The best way, of course, is to buy unprocessed foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, and talk to your local farmer!

For more information: www.justlabelit.org

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