Farm Hack Visits New Hampshire

A report on last month’s Farm Hack event in  New Hampshire — a “hotbed of innovation” — from the National Young Farmers’ Coalition:

This past month saw yet another successful Farm Hack event – this time in southern New Hampshire — touring an inspiring farm that’s a hotbed of innovation; making headway on new project ideas; and strategizing about the development of the Farm Hack project.

The weekend began with a tour of Tuckaway Farm, with its array of innovative tools and techniques. We looked at self-contained biodiesel processing rigs, one-pass no-till planting set-ups, and worked on reverse-engineering an old oat dehuller.

Later, the group reconvened at the Lee Grange Hall to roll up our sleeves and talk about the future of FarmHack and to make some headway on designing new tools. There was much talk about Farm Hack’s imminent launch of a new Web Forum to use as a space for discussion of new farm tool projects and information exchange.

Those oats that were de-hulled the night before? We took a break from discussing new media tools in order to use an old-technology hand-crank fan mill to separate the hulls out. Still works! Read more…

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