Bringing Mobile Processing to Southern NH

One of the barriers to providing locally raised poultry has been the lack of processing available nearby. Now, Fournier Free Range Foodsis offering a mobile processing service, with future plans for their own processing site. Farmer Steve Normanton has posted an introduction and accompanying slideshow:

Chicken Processing

Today was the first day of chicken processing, which is normally not my favorite chore. However this year, Craig Fournier and Omar (my farming partner) are starting a chicken processing business, and they are taking the entire job off my hands. Craig has converted a camper trailer into a mobile chicken processing facility that he tows from farm to farm. And Craig and Omar plan to establish a fixed base operation as their business grows. This is a much needed service for farms in southern New Hampshire. I am rooting for them to succeed.

4 thoughts on “Bringing Mobile Processing to Southern NH

  1. I live in Deerfield.
    Do you process turkeys on site.
    I have 9 turkeys,I”d like to have processed.
    Two adults (last years birds) and 7 birds
    from this spring.

  2. Hi there,
    I have 3 maybe 4 Roosters that I would like processed. I have too many roosters in my flock and the girls are getting beat up. I can bring them to you if needed. Do you process small quantities? If not can you point me in the right direction? I live in Farmington, NH and would like to get it done soon.

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