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The new Kittery Point Community Supported Fishery (CSF ) is offering both fish and lobster shares, with pick-up available at the Kittery Point Congregational Church, ME, on either Thursday evenings or Friday mornings. This pilot program consists of 8-week shares, beginning July 19th; sign-up deadline is extended to July 16th:

Do you like eating local, fresh caught fish and lobster?  Do you like supporting local fishermen?  If so, consider signing up for the brand new Kittery Point Community Supported Fishery (CSF).

What is a CSF?

In a “clam shell”, a CSF works like a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where in committed community members buy a “share” of veggies from a farmer at the start of the season and in return receive weekly seasonal fresh produce. This is a win-win for both parties. The farmer has cash on hand at the start of the season to get the farm ready, improve methods or repair machinery, etc.  In return, fresh, locally grown produce for the consumer. Flip this model to seafood and you have a CSF!!

Consumers may be shocked at how little fisherman get for their catch at the end of the day and how vulnerable market price fluctuations affect their bottom line.

Most importantly, as responsible consumers of seafood we need to encourage sustainable fishing methods and the fisherman that employ them in order to keep our oceans healthy and fishing grounds viable for years to come. EAT LOCAL as they say!!

Who are the fishermen?

We are pleased that our CSF will be supporting Dennis Robillard from Eliot, ME who will be providing us fresh fillets of fish such as flounder; pollock, cod, hake and haddock and Steve Lawrence from right here in Kittery who will be providing lobster and other shellfish.

Nuts and Bolts: Fish Share

    • 8-week share period starting on July 19th. We hope that we can also do a fall one if all goes well!!
    • Pick-up location is at the parish house of Kittery Point Congregational Church, 43 Pepperrell Rd, Kittery Point
    • Pick-up day is Thursday evening from 6-7 or Friday morning from 9-10.
    • Cost for weekly 2 pounds of “catch of the day” fillets is $192.00 for the 8 weeks.
    • Checks may be made out to Dennis Robillard and given to Amy or Marcia.

Nuts and Bolts: Lobster Share

    • This will work like lobster credits.  You decide how much you want over the course of the 8 weeks and write Steve a check for that amount.  When you want your lobster give Steve a call and he will have it ready for you on his wharf.
    • The price for these delicious “firm, meaty lobsters” (in Steve’s words) will be $4.00 a pound throughout the season. For example $50 would get you about 10 1¼ pound lobsters.
    • We will deduct each pick up amount from your share total.  You can add more to your lobster account at any time.
    • Steve’s wharf is located at off a driveway at the end of Pleasant St and the back end of Warren’s parking lot (more details to follow on that).

If interested please read, complete and sign the contract(s).  There is one for each type of share. Include a check for Dennis and/or Steve by July 16th [note extended deadline] and give to Amy or Marcia, or mail to: Amy Richards, PO Box 74, Kittery Point, ME 03905. 

Contact Information:
Amy Richards:  [email protected], 608-213-1528
Marcia Gibbons:  [email protected], 207-439-2297
Dennis and Julie Robillard:  207-252-3388
Steve Lawrence:  207-475-4649

To learn more about CSF’s in general and other CSF’s around the country, go to

Promo Flyer for KPCSF

CSF fish share contract for members

CSF lobster share contract for members

7/11/12 update: Half shares (1 pound of fish/week) are available for $96.

11/24/12 update: For more information, please visit

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