Varietal Honey Tasting and Permaculture Potluck, December 8

Varietal Honey Tasting and Potluck
Greater Seacoast Permaculture Group
Stratham, NH
Saturday, December 8, 2012
6 – 8 pm

Explore unusual honey varieties in a “honey-tasting”! We will sample different varietal honeys, including some local flavors closer to home, and discuss how regional food fits into the slow-food movement. Information, discussion, handouts and Q & A will be part of this as well.

The honey menu will emphasis raw honey produced from different regions of the US. The list will include Washington Buckwheat, Virginia Sourwood, New Mexican Tamarisk, Florida Tupelo, Maine Blueberry, Wisconsin Cranberry, California Black Sage, and possibly some locally produced wildflower honey varieties! If you have a unique honey, feel free to bring a sample to share!

Come learn about how honey and food can strengthen community identity. We can also talk about different forms of honey (raw, spun, crystallized, etc). Since this is a tasting/potluck, feel free to bring whatever bites, drinks, and/or foods you’d like to share. Different cheeses, wines, chocolates, and other wonderful indulgences (from local sources, if possible) are all good ideas!

The tasting and talk will run from 6-8. If folks would like to hang around after for further discussion and food, feel free!

A donation of $10-20 to cover the costs of the varietal honeys, etc is requested.

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