Eat Local: Shrimp and Cabbage Fritters + Winter Salad

Eat Local

I was going to call this post, “Not just potatoes.” This is for one of my cooking students who asked what could there possibly be to eat during winter that’s local. When I described what farmers were bringing to our Winter Farmers’ Market, I don’t think she believed me. Though, sometimes even I can’t believe it. Here’s how easy it’s become to eat locally all year long.

Winter Salad: Lettuce – Riverside Farm; watermelon radish – Garen’s Greens; carrots – Meadow’s Mirth; red onion – Wake Robin Farm.

Miso Vinaigrette: 1½ tablespoons cider vinegar – Sewall Organic Orchard; 3 tablespoons canola oil – Coppal House Farm; 1 tablespoon white miso – South River Miso, 1 teaspoon honey – Victory Bees.

Eat Local

Okonomiyaki (Shrimp and Cabbage Fritters): Eggs – Mona Farm; whole wheat pastry flour – Brookford Farm; Savoy cabbage – Stout Oak Farm; red onions (in place of scallions) – Wake Robin Farm; Northern shrimp – FV Rimrack; canola oil – Coppal House Farm; salt – Maine Sea Salt.

The recipe for Okonomiyaki, a kind of Japanese fritter, is from the Cabbage board on our Pinterest site. Don’t know what to do with some of the things you find at the farmers’ market? Check it out — we’re constantly adding new recipes, listed by ingredient.

Eat Local:

Kate at Stout Oak Farm was the first to try these little savory pancakes out. She made them vegetarian by leaving out the shrimp, and declared them delicious. We made them with the shrimp, and hardily agree with her.

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