It’s your (pot)lucky day – 5 amazing and easy ideas for holiday open house dishes from the market

We love seeing our friends. We love getting together with our coworkers outside the workday. We even love a family gathering or two. But during this time of year, cooking every dish you bring to potlucks and open houses and dinners can be too much. Go ahead and make that dessert your coworkers can’t stop talking about, and then pick up some winners from the market (this Saturday, 12/21, at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford) for the other twelve days of events you have in the next couple weeks. Here’s five ideas for foods to pick up from the market for those holiday potlucks:


Photo courtesy flickr user  gtrwndr87

Kellie Brook Farm chicken liver pate
This stuff is seriously delicious. You might want to buy an extra half pint for yourself for after the potluck. Throw in some crackers or bread and you are done. You could make it look like you made something amazing by getting some radishes, too, and thinly slicing them for a little fresh crunch on top. Or a bag of microgreens. Or both. But that’s just showing off. Kellie Brook Farm also has smoked ribs ready to heat and eat, hams, whole turkeys or turkeys breasts or quarters, and pork loin roasts. And bacon. I have started looking into, how to smoke meat as a beginner so I could try to make some great ribs and brisket.


potluck treats from Figtree Kitchen

Babycakes and tarts from Figtree Kitchen
They do have the cutest little babycakes (there was no way not to say that), perfect for just a few people, or delicious and gorgeous tarts and pies for a crowd, a guaranteed hit. They’re even bringing some cool nut tarts to the 12/21 market, and Figtree always has a big assortment of breakfast foods like scones and wraps and their famous Kouign Amaan to choose from.




baklava and other great foods from Garen's Greens

Savory and sweet treats from Garen’s Greens at Riverside Farm

The pierogies are big and beautiful and filled with potatoes and leeks straight from the farm. You could eat one at the market while you decide how many to buy to go. There’s also mushroom and leek tarts, baklava, sweet potato and parsnip boregs, hummus and a winter root vegetable salad, any (or all) of which would be brilliant additions to a holiday (or everyday) gathering.






beer is great for a potluck

Throwback Brewery Beer

Yes, it’s easy. Doesn’t make it any less tasty and fun. In fact, the easiness makes it more fun for you. Throwback makes original and local ingredient based beers in a wide variety of styles. There’s a flavor for everyone, and you can be sure you’ll be drinking something awesome yourself.







pickles make a great thing for a potluck

Maine Homestead Pickles

There’s a reason people can pickles, saving vegetables in spicy or sweet vinegary form for the winter. Pickles are awesome. And they are the perfect accompaniment to the sometimes rich foods of winter. Lucky for all of us, the folks at Maine Homestead can like crazy, so if you didn’t get a chance (or just don’t want to share), you can still buy some pretty and perfect pickles for your potluck. Open the jar and watch them disappear.



Pate photo courtesy flickr user gtrwndr87

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