Thanks to the latest and greatest Seacoast Harvest sponsors!

SeacoastHarvest2013Seacoast Harvest, our annually updated local farm and food guide, provides the community with information on the seacoast region’s farms, farmers’ markets, CSA programs, and farm stands, while giving farmers a great way to expand their markets and increase their business’s viability. Farm viability is a really big deal around these parts, where land is not easy to come by and the cost of living is high. It’s hard work to stay in business as a farmer in the Seacoast!

Publishing this guide is possible only with your help and the generosity of sponsoring businesses! Seacoast Harvest is a non-profit venture; we do not charge consumers for the guide nor do farmers pay for their listing. This means Seacoast Harvest relies upon the generosity of individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations that sponsor its publication.

We thank this latest round of businesses for their generous sponsorships!

Butternut Farm  —  Diary of a Tomato  —   Las Olas
Newmarket International   —   Salmon Falls Stoneware    —   Spiller Farm
White Heron Tea & Coffee     —    York Land Trust

Allergy Associates of New HampshireApplecrest Farm OrchardsCafe Services


Throwback BreweryHerb Farmacy



Frisbie Memorial Hospital







Eastman's CornerFavorite Foods





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