Living Land Homestead Tour: Building Soil, Building Relationships, July 13

600_373283072Living Land Homestead Tour: Building Soil, Building Relationships
Greater Seacoast Permaculture Group
Amy & Steve’s Homestead, Barrington, NH
Sunday, July 13, 2014
3– 5pm

After over a decade of organic farming and gardening on other people’s land, taking workshops, reading and otherwise preparing, Amy Antonucci & Steve Diamond bought property in Barrington in Autumn 2008 with the intention of homesteading. It was a sloping, rocky, 7 acre woodlot with a house tucked among the trees. It would not have even been looked at by “real farmers,” but as permaculturists, we could see potential. With the hardscaping wrapping up and most paths mulched, we consider this a great time for you to see what we’ve done so far, and the potential we see and are working for. Come check out what’s working for us, for potential inspiration in your current or future plans!

This event is part of the Seacoast Permaculture’s Summer Garden/Homestead Tour series! Seeing what others are doing is a great way to get new ideas, learn new techniques and be inspired. The sites chosen are all in varied settings and different stages of development. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from each gardener about their original goals and plans, what has and hasn’t worked out for them, and what they are currently developing. Each tour will end with time for questions, conversations and sharing food. Feel free to sign up for just one or all of them.

The cost for this tour is on a sliding scale of $1–20, payable at the meetup.

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