Twofer: have fun and make your community better, too.

16070273672_a35c60d32f_kHave you made your resolutions for 2015 yet?

If the idea of giving things up just strikes you as no fun at all (and honestly, maybe not follow through-able), you are not alone. Best advice I ever got on resolutions was to add something instead of giving something up. Something fun or beautiful or meaningful, something not too hard but worthwhile all the same.

Like, volunteering! Maybe once a month? So, 12 times in 2015? Yeah? You can do that! Easy! I’m sure you’ve got some other awesome ideas to share, let us hear them in the comments below!

15826716580_54837cf920_zSo does this volunteering once a month idea appeal to you? I promise it will be fun and easy and you’ll get to make good things happen in just a couple hours!

Get yourself signed up lickety split with the links below – each one brings you to a form that explains all the details of the different kinds of things volunteers do at each Winter Market. You get to pick and choose where, when, and what. You can nail down your first 4 months of your New Year’s Resolution in under 10 minutes!

March 14th – Rollinsford

March 28th – Exeter

April 11th – Exeter

ps – don’t give up treats for your resolution, there’s usually fun treats for volunteers at each market 🙂

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