Seacoast Food Swap at Joinery, February 16

10351681_1545517469018612_575454578768916139_nThe next Seacoast Food Swap takes place at Joinery Restaurant on Monday, February 16th (President’s day) at 7pm — come swap, talk, and drink some fine drinks:

Seacoast Food Swap
Venue: Joinery Restaurant, Newmarket, NH
Date: Monday, February 16, 2015
Time: 7–8pm
Fee: Free

A food swap is part silent auction/part village marketplace/part fun-loving open house where your homemade edible creations (breads, preserves, special concoctions, canned goods, etc.) become your own personal currency for use in swapping with other participants. We welcome everyone, as long as you bring something edible that you made, grew, or foraged yourself.

On the day of the swap, please bring your hand crafted goods and arrive promptly at the start time. The first half-hour of the event is dedicated to swapper sign-in and set-up, and we’ll begin swapping once everyone’s settled in. If you have any questions whatsoever, please send a private message or an email to [email protected]

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