Kathleen’s Post: Eating Vegetarian at the Winter Farmer’s Market

The Winter Farmers’ Market is a beautiful place to buy fresh, pasture raised meats from farmers who avoid using hormones and additives. However, if you are vegetarian, much like me, what protein options are available for us?

Many vendors sell farm fresh eggs for about 5 dollars. I am always asking the vendors what they feed their chickens and you can tell they love to answer. Almost all of them answer with how they feed their chicks veggie scraps, organic feed, and most of the time their chickens are out and about in the pasture eating what they can find.

beansThe Winter Farmer’s Market is a great place to seek out vendors selling dried beans. Most 1lb bags go for about $5, or you can sometimes buy 5lbs for $20. There are several varieties to choose from and don’t be shy to ask the farmer what beans cook well with what other ingredients if you’re not sure what type to choose.


maine lobstersDo you eat fish or seafood? This past weekend the Maine Lobster Boys joined us in Rollinsford for the Winter Market and brought all of their beautiful, fresh catch. From fresh live lobster to picked lobster meat, clams, crab, scallops, shrimp, and haddock, The Maine Lobster Boys bring in fresh and locally caught seafood for you to bring back to your kitchens. Prices vary and everything is charged by the pound.

Fresh veggies have protein, too! Stock up on dark leafy greens, mushrooms, beets, Brussels sprouts and more for simple forms of protein! The Farmer’s Market comes fully stocked with many different varieties and options to find bagged and loose veggies to take home.

And don’t forget to check out the Seacoast Eat Local table for goodies as well! This past weekend we carried tofu packs locally sourced from Maine that were going for $5. And if we sell out of tofu, feel free to ask us to point you in the right direction for other vegetarian options.

Winter Farmer’s Market Bean and Veg Chili:

To prepare your dried beans:

  • KathleensChiliPour your beans into a bowl and add cold water to cover
  • Soak beans for about 8 hours over night
  • Drain the beans and rinse with fresh, cool water.


  • ½ onion (found at Winter Farmer’s Market)
  • 6 or more minced garlic cloves (found at Winter Farmer’s Market)
  • ½ large sweet potato (found at Winter Farmer’s Market)
  • 1 large parsnip (found at Winter Farmer’s Market)

Combine in slow cooker or on the stove top:

  • Toss together all of your chopped veggies.
  • Add 2 large cans of stewed tomatoes, frozen corn and chili seasoning, salt and pepper.
  • Cook until chili is heated through and the sweet potatoes are tender.

(( This keeps for about a week in the fridge or can be frozen for leftovers ))

Did you also grab eggs at the Market, too? Add a fried egg on top for extra protein!

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