2016-17 Seacoast Harvest is Here!

The 2016-17 Seacoast Harvest, our 10th anniversary edition, is now available!

           photo by Kate Donald, Stout Oak Farm

Start looking for the new print copies (8,000 were published this year!) at farmers’ markets near you, as well as at your favorite local foods businesses around the Seacoast!

In our hallmark annual publication, Seacoast Harvest, our mission is to provide the information and resources necessary for consumers to access sources of local foods all year long in a variety of ways. Readers of this publication can find a listing of CSA programs, farm stands, farmers market programs and food businesses that source locally produced food items.

To see the online pdf version, or to search updated listings of farms and farmers’ markets online, full listings and CSA descriptions, please visit our website, www.seacoastharvest.org.

We are also proud to announce our new partnership with the printing company R.C. Brayshaw, who printed this year’s copies. R.C. Brayshaw is located in Warner, New Hampshire and has been hailed for their green and sustainable printing practices. Learn more about their work at www.rcbrayshaw.com.

A most sincere thank you to the many personal and business sponsors of this publication. Without your support this project truly would not have been possible. We ask our readers to please consider thanking and frequenting our sponsoring businesses across the Seacoast. For a full list of our sponsors, check your print copies or visit our online sponsor page. 

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