Meet Celeste, SAMM Coordinator

celestevannsmallMany of you may already know Celeste as a former member of the Board of Directors for Seacoast Eat Local or as a popular market vendor and co-owner of 45 Market St Bakery and Cafe in Somersworth, NH. Starting in August 2016, everyone will have an opportunity to get to know her as the SAMM Coordinator, a full-time staff member for Seacoast Eat Local.

As a business owner with over 25 years of experience, she has been a part of creating 45 Market Street Bakery and Cafe, Currants Cafe and Grille and Shore Bites. In this regard, her experience and local relationships have been nothing short of instrumental in creating the operational plans and product sourcing abilities of the mobile farmer’s market. Her hard work and get-down-to-business attitude have given SAMM the strong start it needs to be a successful program. Plus, she looks great behind the wheel!

As plans for the Mobile Market project began to solidify, Celeste came forward with a strong sense of passion and dedication to lead the day-to-day operations of the program. With a background in social work, years of experience in farmers’ markets and food businesses, and a strong desire to help all people eat fresh, local food, Celeste felt like SAMM provided the perfect combination of her skills and interests. 

Celeste gets behind the wheel for the first time!

Make sure you stop in to see Celeste at one of our SAMM stop sites. To follow our work and receive updates on our stops and other information, check us out on instagram @SAMMVAN.

SAMM is made possible through the generous support of the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation’s Healthy Food Fund, as well as by a grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Thomas W. Haas Fund

If you are interested in supporting our program through volunteering, please contact Celeste Gingras, SAMM Coordinator, at [email protected] Financial contributions are also greatly appreciated and help to further our important mission. Donations made be made securely online at this link.

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