Get Your CSA (and free gift!) at CSA Days!

CSA Days are coming!

The February 11 and 25th markets will host our annual CSA Days Celebration, where farms that offer CSA shares make themselves available to customers to talk about their programs and accept registrations.

If you are wondering what a CSA is, see our previous post which gives a detailed overview of what a CSA or farm share program is and how customers can find them.

This year, customers who sign up for a CSA at CSA Days will receive a free cookbook, the CSA Cookbook. SEL Staff have been using this book for several months now and we are HUGE fans. The broccoli recipes, particularly, have become staples in my house! Consider it our gift in thanks for the great gift you are giving farmers with your registration, a step towards financial security in 2017!

If you are a SNAP customer, please speak to SEL staff at the market to learn how you can redeem fruit and vegetable coupons for a CSA share!

Signing up for a CSA in the winter months is the most critically important action you can take to promote farm health and sustainability in our region. CSA registrations provide farms with desperately needed income at the time of year when they need it most, but traditionally have the least amount of income. Farms at this time of year are purchasing seed, buying equipment and investing in infrastructure, not to mention getting ready to hire a full staff. Support a farmer when they need it most and you’ll be reaping the delicious benefits all season long.

Please fill out our survey on CSA participation. If you’ve never had a share before or are a serious CSA devotee, please fill out our CSA survey so that we can better understand local trends.

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