Welcome Annette Lee to the Seacoast Eat Local board!

Please join us in welcoming Annette Lee, co-owner of Throwback Brewery, to the Seacoast Eat Local board! Annette brings so many skills and talents and a great perspective to the work of Seacoast Eat Local. In addition to her business ownership, specifically a business with a lot of experience sourcing from local farmers, she is a great systems thinker and has a mindset for solving complex problems! Welcome Annette!

Annette Lee

Annette LeeAnnette Lee is co-owner of Throwback Brewery – a small, inspired brew pub at Hobbs Farm in North Hampton, NH, dedicated to crafting delicious farm-fresh food and beer with ingredients sourced in the New England area. Annette spent close to 20 years working as an environmental engineer before making the jump to a small brewery owner in 2011. An avid gardener with a passion for full circle sustainability, Annette always finds time in her busy schedule to help the farmers at Hobbs Farm. In fact, Annette considers one of her most meaningful achievements to be the restoration and rehabilitation of Hobbs Farm – returning it to a working farm that provides ingredients for Throwback’s food and beer.

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