Morgan’s Post: All About Scallions

Scallions, or green onions, are currently in season and fly off the shelves at the Thursday Seacoast Area Mobile Market! Their long, green stalks are very recognizable to the general public. The taste is subtle, yet distinct which makes it a pleasing addition to many foods. If you haven’t seen the vegetable in full you’ve probably seen it cut up and put on top of  meals as garnish. As one of the kids at our market said, “Oh! Those are what comes on my french fries!” People of all ages seem to not mind the addition of scallion and enjoy them.

What’s great about scallions is that there are many ways you can consume them. For example:

  • In a stir fry or salad
  • In a tunafish mix
  • Mixed into salsa
  • Roasting/grilling them themselves
  • Added to a cream cheese (Bacon-Scallion is my favorite!)
  • On top of appetizers

The list goes on and on! My favorite way to incorporate them into my life is when I make veggie quesadillas. As a college student I’m definitely on a budget- I have a quesadilla maker and I cut up some onion, peppers, spinach, or really whatever I have in my fridge and toss it on a tortilla with cheese. I always make sure scallions are either in them or on top of them because they are so good and an inexpensive, easy way to incorporate more veggies in my diet. Next time you catch yourself at one of our markets or local farms you should definitely grab some – you’ll easily find a way to add them to a meal!

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