Morgan’s Post: The Convenience of Carrots

Carrots are probably one of the most recognizable vegetables to all ages. The orange cone-shaped produce with long and luscious green stems definitely stand out! At the supermarket you may see them in baby carrot style, at restaurants you can find them shredded in salad, and if you come to our markets you can see them after they’ve been pulled out of the ground. When you’re younger, adults often encourage you to eat vegetables and carrots are usually one of the ones suggested. So why should you eat carrots?

I’m sure everyone has heard “carrots help your eyesight” or as I was told by my parents, “carrots will help you see in the dark”. Unfortunately, carrots do not give you night-seeing superpowers but they can help improve vision as they are rich in vitamin A. They are low calorie and aid in digestion as well and are therefore a great snack! They also have many antioxidants which can help numerous things such as regulating blood pressure, protecting against cancer, and boosting your immune system.

What’s great about carrots is that they can be prepared and consumed in many ways. The first style I was introduced to were baby carrots. I remember always seeing them appear in my lunch at elementary school. The taste is pretty subtle and they were an intriguing orange color so I didn’t mind! Baby carrots are also often found on vegetable platters at parties along with other vegetables and dips. Other common ways to prepare carrots are to steam them, roast them, or add them to salad. Melissa, another SEL summer intern, recently posted a carrot recipe to the blog- check it out! The newest and most fun way I’ve incorporated them into my diet is through juice. Earth’s Harvest in Dover, NH gets fruits, vegetables, and more from local farms. Their juices such as “Vital Vibes” and “Day Break” have carrots in them and you can see the employees juice them right in front of you. Juicing is such a creative way to get your fix without even realizing it!

It’s important to mention that not ALL carrots are orange. At some of our markets you may see bunches that have some dark purple and light yellow ones. They taste the same and have the same health benefits so if you’re looking for a way to add color to your plate, try some out!

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