Spotlight: Andy’s Edible Gardens

Microgreens, specialty greens, sprouts, shoots, herbs, and edible flowers are all things you can expect to find at Andy’s Edible Gardens out of Eliot, Maine. You can find Andy at the Portsmouth and Kittery Farmers Markets and some of the Exeter farmers markets this summer. He always has a smile and you can tell he has a passion for sharing knowledge and information about the products he sells. Andy has been commercial gardening for over 10 years, and sells his products to over 30 restaurants all the way from Exeter, New Hampshire to Kennebunk, Maine. You can find his Seacoast Harvest listing here and his Instagram page here.

One of my favorite items you can buy from his stand at market happens to be popcorn shoots. These are super unique and definitely addicting after the first bite. I love these to munch on as a snack but they would also be great on top of a crostini or on a sandwich. These brussel sprout seeds will change the way you see gardening, it’s easy and fast.They have a bright yellow color and the taste is slightly sour, sweet, and buttery! Make sure you stop by his tent and pick some up at the next market. I also love using the sprouts and microgreens in sandwiches, so if you make lunch for work or school these are a great and nutritious add on to any meal.

Have you tried any of his products? If so, which are your favorites?

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