Corn on the Cob Two Ways

As we leave summer behind and fall is right around the corner, it’s becoming more common to see corn at farmers markets in Seacoast, New Hampshire. Corn on the cob can be prepared many ways, but today I thought I would share two easy preparations. You can find corn from many different farmers but if you click here it will redirect you to our Seacoast Harvest listing for farms growing corn.

Corn on the Cob #1: Grilled Street Corn


Corn on the cob shucked (amount you wish to serve)

Cooking oil Spray (avocado oil is a good choice due to its high smoke point-for more information on oils and when to use which, click here)

1 teaspoon sour cream per ear


Juice of lime


Powdered cayenne pepper for seasoning

Salt and pepper to taste


Light a grill.

Spray corn and surface with cooking oil spray.

Grill corn until cooked and slightly charred (10 minutes).

Mix all other ingredients except salt and pepper and cayenne pepper in a bowl.

Put the mixture on a plate and roll the corn in it.

Season with salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.


Corn on the cob # 2: Boiled Sweet Corn


Shucked corn on the cob (amount you wish to serve)

1/4 cup of milk per ear

Tablespoon of butter per ear

Salt and pepper to taste

Optional: If your feeling adventurous you can also add a tablespoon of a lemon based beer per ear to the boiling water.


Add water to a pot, you want the water just high enough to cover the corn, and bring to a boil.

Add the milk, butter, and beer (if you want) to the water and let simmer until the butter is melted.

Let simmer for 5 minutes.

Bring the water back to a boil and add the corn by using tongs.

Boil the corn for 8 minutes.

Remove the corn and add salt and pepper to your desired taste.





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