Vendor Spotlight: Hickory Nut Farm

Hickory Nut Farm out of Lee, New Hampshire is a small family owned and operated farm founded in the year 2000. Two married architects became goat farmers and the rest was history. Goat milk products have been used by humans for up to 10,000 years, and contain protein, vitamins, and minerals like phosphate and calcium. Goat milk also has shorter fatty acid chains than cows milk making it easier to digest. All Hickory Nut Farm products are individually crafted in small batches, and include goat milk cheese, soap, yo-goat-gurt, and candy.

Hickory Nut Farm states the benefits of consuming goat milk cheese include but are not limited to it being lower in fat, having metabolism boosting properties,  being higher in calcium, containing probiotics, and that it is higher in minerals. When creating a cheese, it is formed into cheese rounds and stored in the Hickory Nut Farm cheese cave for up to 2 months (how cool does a cheese cave sound?)! The underground environment gives the cheese the perfect conditions including temperature and humidity. The milk is not pasteurized so expectant and nursing mothers should not consume. Soaps are made with goat milk, coconut, palm, canola, and olive oils and scents can be added. They allow custom orders for soaps for special occasions and only ask for 2 months notice prior to you wanting it complete.The fudge is made with a 6 ingredient base including sugar, goat milk, cocoa, butter, vanilla, and salt (special flavors or varieties are available as well). The yogurt made from goat milk, or as they call it “yo-goat-gurt,” is created without any additives, flavorings or sweeteners. You can also come to the farm between February and May to bottle feed the little baby goats, which would be a great family outing!

Soaps, cheeses, and candy are available at the stall store, online, and local farmers markets. The summer farmers’ markets you can find them at include Lee, Exeter, Portsmouth, York ME, Concord NH, Copley MA, Amesbury MA, and Needham MA. In the winter they can be found at markets as well in Exeter, Rollinsford, and York. You can find Hickory Nut Farm online on their website , and Facebook. Next time you are at the farmers market make sure you stop by their tent to say hello and check out all their products.

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