CSAs on the map

We’ve got lots of farmers coming to the Winter Farmers’ Market this Saturday. In addition to all of our Winter Farmers’ Market vendors selling their locally grown food,  farmers who offer CSA shares will make themselves available to customers to talk about their programs and accept registrations.

We know that pickup location is one of the most important aspects to you in making your choice about CSA shares – so we’ve made a map! All of the pickup locations that the farms participating in CSA days have are represented here. Come to the market this Saturday Feb 11 in Exeter or Feb 25th in Rollinsford to get to know these farmers in person (another really important aspect in making your decision. And if you haven’t already, let us know about your CSA experience through this survey!)


Get Your CSA (and free gift!) at CSA Days!

CSA Days are coming!

The February 11 and 25th markets will host our annual CSA Days Celebration, where farms that offer CSA shares make themselves available to customers to talk about their programs and accept registrations.

If you are wondering what a CSA is, see our previous post which gives a detailed overview of what a CSA or farm share program is and how customers can find them.

This year, customers who sign up for a CSA at CSA Days will receive a free cookbook, the CSA Cookbook. SEL Staff have been using this book for several months now and we are HUGE fans. The broccoli recipes, particularly, have become staples in my house! Consider it our gift in thanks for the great gift you are giving farmers with your registration, a step towards financial security in 2017!

If you are a SNAP customer, please speak to SEL staff at the market to learn how you can redeem fruit and vegetable coupons for a CSA share!

Signing up for a CSA in the winter months is the most critically important action you can take to promote farm health and sustainability in our region. CSA registrations provide farms with desperately needed income at the time of year when they need it most, but traditionally have the least amount of income. Farms at this time of year are purchasing seed, buying equipment and investing in infrastructure, not to mention getting ready to hire a full staff. Support a farmer when they need it most and you’ll be reaping the delicious benefits all season long.

Please fill out our survey on CSA participation. If you’ve never had a share before or are a serious CSA devotee, please fill out our CSA survey so that we can better understand local trends.

Eat Fresher Fish, Support Seacoast Fishermen — Shares Available Now!

NH Community Seafood, a community supported fishery, is now offering shares in their next session, from August 24th to October 4th:

We are a Community Supported Fishery, like a CSA, but for seafood. We offer fresh and local seafood caught in NH or the Gulf of Maine every week, you prepay and we deliver! We fillet the fish and deliver it right to your town! We also have Member Only Add Ons like Lobster Ravioli and NH grown oysters available!

~ Our Sessions run for 6 weeks, with a one week break in between
~ We are in our Third Session for 2015, it runs from August 24-October 4
~ If you are going away, you can HOLD your share and DOUBLE UP another week up to 3 weeks within the 6 week session
~ Our fish is local, sustainably fished, fresh off the boat to your plate and by buying through our Cooperative, you directly support and help local NH Fishermen maintain their dying livelihood!

Sign up today, the new Session starts AUGUST 24!

Thanks for you interest, we are helping our local Seacoast Fishing Community, in dire need, one pound at a time!!


NH Community Seafood: Time to Sign Up for Local Seafood Shares!

New Hampshire Community Seafood - give the gift of fish!From NH Community Seafood:

New Hampshire Community Seafood is excited to announce our new 2015 Season and look forward to delivering you the freshest, local seafood available in New Hampshire. With dramatic reductions in total allowable catch on many species this year and increasing restrictions on the fishing industry, NH Community Seafood needs your support more than ever! We are striving to preserve our fishing heritage by providing our fishermen with a higher price for their catch while providing you with fresh, locally caught seafood from right off our shores!

We are pleased to announce that we have added two new pick-up locations, one in Greenland at the Farmer’s Market (starting second Session) and one in Barrington (close to Lee/Durham) at Brasen Hill Farm.

We will be offering Full Shares (2lbs/week), Half Shares (1lb/week) and Quarter Shares (1/2lb/week) of the freshest, most sustainably harvested fish found anywhere in New Hampshire. This year, we will be offering four sessions (dependent on supply), starting May 18. Sessions will be 6 weeks long, as opposed to 8 weeks, like last year. This is the result of a consumer survey performed earlier this spring where the idea of 6 week sessions proved more popular.

We are also working on making available add-ons like oysters, lobsters and scallops this year for the shellfish lovers out there! Eventually, due to fishing restrictions, we may be including these items as part of your weekly shares depending on fish availability. If you are not a shellfish fan, you can simply  “hold” that week and double up on fish the following week.

If you have any questions, see our updated website or feel free to email me at the address below. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing with you our Fishermen’s stories, fishing industry news and some great new recipes!

Contact: Andrea Tomlinson, [email protected]

Charmingfare Farm offers CSA Workshop March 7th

cff csa image

Are you curious about CSAs? Maybe you’ve heard a lot about them or maybe you’ve never heard the term in your life. Either way organically grown, freshly picked, local produce has been proven to have long term health benefits in you and your children! Charmingfare Farm is offering a wonderful event to familiarize yourself with their CSA Programs.

They invite you to join them for a FREE workshop focusing on our Garden, Livestock, and Egg Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. This is a great opportunity to learn more about CSAs, Charmingfare’s particular programs, and most of all to ask them any questions! They will have Garden Specialists there ready to field any questions you may have, so come prepared!

The workshop will cover all the major topics such as:

  • What a CSA is
  • How it works
  • When it happens
  • Prices
  • How and When you pick up your food
  • The gardening techniques employed on Farm
  • A Q&A period

They will also be available after the workshop for a short meet and greet providing you a perfect opportunity to ask any questions that may not have been addressed in Workshop.

Learn More at the CSA Workshop on March 7th, 2015 at 3pm
Held at Charmingfare Farm (774 High St. Candia, NH, 03034) in the warm-up room – Registration Required

Meet your CSA Farmers Part 2

CSA Days are returning to the Winter Farmers’ Markets in February! Seacoast Eat Local will be hosting a variety of CSA Farms and styles to suit your needs. Our first CSA Day Event will be on February 14th at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford. Be sure to mark your calendar and show your love for local food. Read on to learn more about some of the farms offering CSA Shares this year.

drumlinfarm small

Mildred’s Drumlin Farm – Lee, New Hampshire

1. Why should someone participate in your CSA program?
We are small so are able to provide exceptional and personal attention to detail. Almost everything is harvested on pickup day for the freshest possible produce.

2. How does your CSA program fit into your farm system?
CSA is becoming the main focus of our farm and we will be expanding it over the next couple years to replace 1 of our farmer’s markets.

3. Why do you farm?
We farm because we love it. We offer CSA because we love to share what we grow.


Sirois Family Farm – Lebanon, Maine

1. Why should someone participate in your CSA program?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
We offer from Farm to Home, the freshest food possible both vegetable and meats.

2. How has your CSA program changed over the years?
Our CSA program has grown to Organic Certified Produce and Meats.

3. How does your CSA program fit into your farm system?
We are a 3 generation farm and CSA’s are another way for consumers to buy our local farm products.

4. Why do you farm?
We farm as a way to teach our children and grandchildren how to plan, how to follow through, how to manage time & money, live well. We learn how to be self reliant. The Sirois Family takes Pride in growing and producing the best food available in the area.


Stout Oak Farm – Brentwood, New Hampshire

1. Why should someone participate in your CSA program?
There are so many great reasons to join our CSA. Get to know your farmers!  Eat more organic vegetables!  Eat with the seasons! Cook healthier meals for your family!  Learn about how your food is grown! Support local organic agriculture!  Participate in the local food movement!
What stands out about Stout Oak’s CSA? All of our members pick up their shares at the farm, so they really make a connection with the place, and with the farmers. Our farm is Certified Organic. We love to grow and eat all kinds of greens at Stout Oak, so salad greens and cooking greens tend to be plentiful in our CSA shares. We keep our members well informed, with weekly newsletters, recipe ideas, and farm news.
If you’re going to take one action this year to support local farms, choose something high impact. Join a CSA!
2. How has your CSA changed over the years?
stout oak share smallWe’ve expanded our CSA program beyond traditional boxed vegetable share to offer more flexibility, choice, and price levels. Our members can now choose from two different types of shares: Weekly Organic Vegetable Shares or Farm Store Credit Shares.  Pickup of Weekly Vegetable Shares happens on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.  Our Farm Store Credit members can shop at the farm anytime it’s open (5 days a week).
3. How does your CSA program fit into your farm system?
Our CSA is the core of our farm business. This year, we’re offering 60 Weekly Vegetable Shares, and 80 Farm Store Credit Shares. Each year, our members provide our farm with the financial support to hire our crew, purchase our seeds and supplies, and get our growing season underway.  As farmers, we love how the CSA model connects us with our friends and neighbors, and creates a supportive community around the farm.
4. Why do you farm?
We love to grow food for our community.  Although we’ve been farming for quite a while now, we’re just starting our fourth year on our land in Brentwood.  As we’ve gotten settled in here, we’ve been so grateful for the enthusiastic response we’ve received from the community.  It’s this farm-community connection that gives our work meaning, and makes it possible for us to continue to do what we do.

Wake Robin Farm – Stratham, New Hampshirewake robin share small

1. Why should someone participate in your CSA program?
Our members enjoy a very wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and receive a discount on any additional purchases from the farm. We also pride ourselves on exposing our members to vegetables they may have never heard of, and finding new ways to enjoy old favorites.

2. Why do you farm?
Our family has farmed here for 14 generations, we love what we do and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Share the love at the Winter Farmers’ Market!

Celebrate your love of all things local on February 14th at the Winter Market!

carrot shirtThe Seacoast Eat Local Winter Farmers’ Markets are returning to Wentworth Greenhouses on Saturday, February 14th from 10am till 2pm. Not only is the market on Valentine’s Day this year, we also have our CSA Day Event going on for even more connection with the community that feeds you! Be sure to mark your calendars and come out for a day of food and fun with friends and family.


Show some love for your community:

Cornucopia Food Pantry will be on hand sharing information on their support programs and collecting food donations to help those in need. Last year we collected and donated nearly 2,000 pounds of fresh food to area pantries throughout the winter market season. We are well on our way to exceeding that level this year. Please consider picking up a few extra items at the market and dropping them for donation at the pantry’s table on the way out.

Show some love for area musicians:

Mike Morris is a market favorite and often has a few remixes of old classics tailored for the market. We can’t wait to have him back to sing, entertain and bring a smile to your face. It may be the day of love, but slow dances will be optional. chocolate winnipesaukee

Show some love for someone special:

There are many ways to show how much you care about your partner, child, friend or colleague. Take a stroll through the market and think about alternative ways to say I love you. Boxed sets of jams or sauces, a gourmet fresh pasta dinner, growlers of local beer, maple candied nuts or a classic chocolate bar are just a few of the possibilities you will find walking through the market. This year Seacoast Eat Local will also have Valentines for sale at the Market. Pick up a few or the whole set to give out to your favorite farmers and food producers.

Show some love for the Winter Farmers’ Markets:

At Seacoast Eat Local, we work hard all year round to bring together the Winter Farmers’ Market series. Swing by our Market Info Table to say hi, pick up recipes, a Seacoast Harvest food guide, market info and more. Take a moment to check out our Seacoast Eat Local T-shirts, Maine-harvested Seaweed, DIY book collection, or market Totebags. Your purchases help to keep these markets thriving and growing!

Meet your CSA Farmers Part 1

CSA Days are returning to the Winter Farmers’ Markets in February! Seacoast Eat Local will be hosting a variety of CSA Farms and styles to suit your needs. Our first CSA Day Event will be on February 14th at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford. Be sure to mark your calendar and show your love for local food. Read on to learn more about some of the farms offering CSA Shares this year.

touchingearthfarmveggieTouching Earth Farm – Kittery, Maine

1. Why should someone participate in your CSA program?
We grow a great variety of vegetables, most being heirlooms that are chosen for flavor and vitality. Our CSA includes weekly access to a large flower and herb cutting garden which is also a great way for kids to experience the farm. We grow responsibly and without the use of any sprays or fertilizers that are not approved by OMRI. We also have an annual summer picnic and fall farm-dinner that are a great way for members to come together.

2. How has your CSA changed over the years?
Every year we adjust crop plans and vegetable varieties to fine-tune our operation. We delight in discovering new veggie varieties that thrive on our farm, as well as sticking with the tried and true.

3. How does your CSA program fit into your farm system?
We are primarily a CSA. The bulk of our vegetables go into the shares, and the rest go to market, chefs, and the school right down the street from us.

4. Why do you farm?
It is deeply satisfying to grow good vegetables for people, and of course, to cook with them ourselves! We love contributing to the local food culture!

Old Fields Farm – South Berwick, MaineOldFieldsFarmveggies

1. Why should someone participate in your CSA program?
The flexibility to buy nutritional produce when and in the quantities you desire.

2. How has your CSA changed over the years?
It has grown in membership. Our cultivation methods have moved towards minimal or no-till practices, while emphasizing mineralized composting for nutrient dense produce.

3. How does your CSA program fit into your farm system?
Our CSA is the primary focus for the farm. We also work with restaurants.

4. Why do you farm?
We like working with the rhythms of nature. Plus, it’s nice to be barefoot all summer!

Two Toad Farm – Lebanon, Maine


Two Toad Farm knows a picture is worth a thousand words and take great pleasure growing food for you rain or shine!

Applecrest Farm Orchards – Hampton Falls, New Hampshire

1. Why should someone participate in your CSA program?
Participate in Applecrest FarmShare CSA because we are unique, we likely offer the greatest variety of on-the-farm grown vegetables and fruit.

2. How has your CSA changed over the years?CSA Mac + Elana + Member
Our CSA is constantly evolving due to membership surveys; we’ve been able to tailor our CSA to truly fit the wants and needs of our members.

3. How does your CSA program fit into your farm system?
Our CSA program is an integral component of our overall highly diversified farming system.

4. Why do you farm?
To make an honest living and watch things grow.

Eat Fresher Fish, Support Seacoast Fishermen — Join NH Community Seafood


From NH Community Seafood:

Greetings Fresh and Local Fish Lovers! We are excited to announce that our third and final CSF session this year will start next week (Oct 13) and run through the first week of December (Dec 5). IF you sign up before this Monday, you will still be able to enroll for the full third season. If you miss Monday’s deadline, don’t worry because we will still offer pro-rated enrollment for the first two weeks.

This season will bring to an end a very exciting and positive second year of operations. We’ve seen membership more than double; we now have 15 drop off locations throughout the state, and we’ve enrolled 10 high end restaurants in our RSF program. This is all thanks to you, and thanks to your interest and support in our unique organization.

We continue to face very difficult fisheries management challenges, which continue to threaten the existence of small scale fishing and “day boat” fishing practices that yield the unique “day boat” fish that we all love so much. New Hampshire has one of the last remaining day boat fisheries in New England, and we think our best chance of survival is to get our fish to you and entice you through your taste buds to be a champion for fresh and local seafood.

This season, we expect the return of Yellow Tail Flounder along with White hake, Atlantic Pollock, Gulf of Maine cod, Acadian redfish, Dayboat Cape Shark, Monkfish Tail, and the possibility of local Steelhead Trout (pending supply).

        Also browse through the Harbour House Crabs homepage to order fresh seadfood with same day delivery.

So join us, sign up online at: http://www.nhcommunityseafood.com/members/types

Meet the CSA Farmers: Applecrest Farm Orchards

courtesy of Applecrest
courtesy of Applecrest

It’s CSA Sign Up Season, and farms all over the greater seacoast have lots of different choices to offer you in Community Supported Agriculture Shares.

Applecrest Farm Orchards is offering produce CSA Shares with a variety of add on options available for pick up at the farm in Hampton Falls or in Portsmouth, NH.

(Not sure what CSA is all about? Start here.)

Our second CSA Day at the Market is coming up on February 22nd at Wentworth Greenhouses, where over a dozen CSA farmers will be available to talk to you about their options. In anticipation, we asked the participating CSA farms to answer a couple questions. Up next, Applecrest Farm Orchards from Hampton Falls, New Hampshire.

2 Questions (+ their answers) for Applecrest Farm Orchards:

1.  What is the best thing about your CSA?

Best thing about our CSA: other than our smiling faces? The morning-of-delivery-day-fresh-picked fruits: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, nectarines, plums, melons and APPLES. We’ve got ‘em all.

2.  Why is CSA important?

The value our members place on CSA is what makes it important; day-in and day-out we are more than grateful that there are so many folks out there who believe in supporting our farm and making sure they get the freshest and best quality fruits and vegetables.

Meet a variety of the CSA farmers during the next Winter Farmers Market at Wentworth Greenhouses, February 22nd, 10am to 2pm.