Support Seacoast Harvest Today!

Support Seacoast Harvest today!


It’s that time of year again and the staff and volunteers of Seacoast Eat Local are working busily to prepare for the spring 2018 edition of Seacoast Harvest.

Seacoast Harvest ensures that all Seacoast residents continue to have access to the most accurate, up to date information regarding local foods resources in our region. We hope that you will considering donating for our 2018-19 publication year.

The coming edition will benefit from several changes and upgrades to our process. First, we have launched a new website with improved ability to search for specific farms or by product/town. Secondly, we are taking a closer look at how and where Seacoast Harvest print copies are distributed to ensure that we are reaching as broad an audience as possible with over 75 distribution locations. If you would like to recommend a distribution place, please let us know! Finally, Seacoast Eat Local will be increasing its number of print copies this year from 8,000 to 12,000, ensuring that you will see our guide at more locations throughout the year!

Your gift in support of Seacoast Harvest means a lot to us and makes this project possible! Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to support our 2018-19 edition and remember that individuals/families donating at least $25 receive a copy of Seacoast Harvest mailed to their home!

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List Your Farm in Seacoast Harvest

It’s time to be counted! List your farm for free in the 2018-19 edition of Seacoast Harvest and be included in 12,000 print copies and our searchable online database.


List Your Farm in Seacoast Harvest


Seacoast Harvest is an annual print and online publication providing information and resources for purchasing local foods in Rockingham, Strafford and York Counties.

Any farm may list- for free! The requirements are that you produce food products and that your farm is located in Strafford, Rockingham and/or York Counties. Each farm must list each year to be included, regardless of whether you have listed in the past or whether your farm information has changed.

The survey, from which we cull all listing information, is in depth and will take approximately 20 minutes. To ensure that you are satisfied with your final listing, it is important that you fill out the form completely and accurately.

The deadline to list is February 2.
List Your Farm in Seacoast Harvest

Consider Supporting Our Work

Seacoast Harvest is a time intensive project and the costs incurred are large, over $20,000 annually! These costs include graphic design and layout services, extensive staff time, web design services, printing and distribution. We can’t do it without your help!

Your donation or sponsorship is valuable in supporting our work.

Keep It Fresh at the Farmers’ Markets!

Seacoast Eat Local needs your support! Consider making a tax-deductible contribution that helps Seacoast residents connect to sources of fresh local foods, all year long!

At Seacoast Eat Local, our mission is to connect people with sources of locally grown food and to work for a sustainable local food system that supports the health of our environment, community, culture and economy.

Support Local Foods Now, and for the Future

We live in extraordinary times and the need to support local foods and farms has never been greater. Seacoast Eat Local works year-round to ensure access to local foods. But, we need your help.

As our programs grow and expand to meet rising needs, so do our operational costs. If every person who attends winter farmers’ markets donated $12, just $1 for each market, it would eliminate our anticipated shortfall for the coming fiscal year!

Closing this fiscal year and looking towards the next, we need support from those who enjoy and believe in Seacoast Eat Local.  Contributions of all sizes are tax-deductible and impactful.

Please Make Your Gift Today

How Does Your Contribution Help?

A $12 contribution shows your appreciation for local foods at the winter farmers’ markets

With every $25 contribution, you will provide a local foods demonstration or tasting at one public event

A $50 contribution makes it possible for farmers’ to list for free in Seacoast Harvest

A $100 contribution supports the cost of staff time to operate the SNAP program at summer farmers’ markets

Prefer to Mail it In?

No Problem!

Checks in any denomination may be made payable to Seacoast Eat Local and mailed to the address:

Seacoast Eat Local
ATTN: Fundraising
2 Washington St, Ste 331
Dover, NH 03820


2016-17 Seacoast Harvest is Here!

The 2016-17 Seacoast Harvest, our 10th anniversary edition, is now available!

           photo by Kate Donald, Stout Oak Farm

Start looking for the new print copies (8,000 were published this year!) at farmers’ markets near you, as well as at your favorite local foods businesses around the Seacoast!

In our hallmark annual publication, Seacoast Harvest, our mission is to provide the information and resources necessary for consumers to access sources of local foods all year long in a variety of ways. Readers of this publication can find a listing of CSA programs, farm stands, farmers market programs and food businesses that source locally produced food items.

To see the online pdf version, or to search updated listings of farms and farmers’ markets online, full listings and CSA descriptions, please visit our website,

We are also proud to announce our new partnership with the printing company R.C. Brayshaw, who printed this year’s copies. R.C. Brayshaw is located in Warner, New Hampshire and has been hailed for their green and sustainable printing practices. Learn more about their work at

A most sincere thank you to the many personal and business sponsors of this publication. Without your support this project truly would not have been possible. We ask our readers to please consider thanking and frequenting our sponsoring businesses across the Seacoast. For a full list of our sponsors, check your print copies or visit our online sponsor page. 

Isis’s post: Getting to Know Shelly Smith

By Isis Ulery Chapman, Seacoast Eat Local intern, part of her series getting to know the board members and people behind Seacoast Eat Local


I know you just joined Seacoast Eat Local over the summer, could you tell me the story of how you chose to work with SEL?

Jill Hall and Shelly Smith
Jill Hall and Shelly Smith

I never envisioned myself working for a non-profit organization!  I am a scientist, specifically a plant scientist, and once I completed my graduate studies in Plant Biology at UNH, I knew that although I loved the subject matter and research, I couldn’t stand to be cooped up in a laboratory all day long anymore.  I loved teaching – that was my favorite part of graduate school.  I love connecting with people – I love sharing my passion with people.  When my husband and I decided to farm, I realized that I could help on the farm with my baby alongside, and I could connect with customers at farmers’ markets about why we were passionate about growing our own food.   As our farm business grew, we joined more farmers’ markets – including Seacoast Eat Local’s Winter Farmers’ Market.  I was so inspired by the good work SEL was doing to help small farms increase outlets for healthy food, and even more inspired by the SNAP/EBT program that enabled anyone, regardless of income, to have access to healthy food.  We even became authorized to accept EBT in our farmstand because I believe so deeply in equitable food access.  Last spring, when both my children were of school-age, I began looking for off-farm employment and there happened to be an open position within SEL just at that time.  I feel very fortunate that the Board choose me 🙂


So far into working with SEL, how would you describe SEL?
Seacoast Eat Local is an amazing organization I’m extremely proud to work for.  We support our local producers, first and foremost.  We advocate for our farmers and believe in creating a community of culture around food produced within our own communities.  We also believe that everyone in our community should have access to that food, regardless of the obstacles and we work to help people in our community overcome those obstacles.  We believe in ecological sustainability, and a community that is able to source its most precious resource – food – from within itself is a community made stronger and more sustainable.  


What is your job title at SEL?  What kind of work are you given with that title?
I am the Program Coordinator.  My position entails organization of the Winter Farmers’ Markets, administration of the SNAP/EBT program at area farmers’ markets, and I offer support to our Director of Programs in fundraising efforts, program expansions, and the publication of Seacoast Harvest.  


How have you seen SEL grow since you’ve been working with them?
Seacoast Eat Local seems to have grown substantially within the 2015-16 season, even though we are only two staff members in addition to the Board, interns, and many volunteers that are critical to our organization’s success.  Giving our programs full-time attention has enabled us to widen our SNAP/EBT service area to include previously unreached low-income communities, and we have even more ‘tricks up our sleeve’ (stay tuned – exciting growth to follow!)


What has been your favorite aspect of working with SEL?
I love, love, love connecting with market customers.  I love helping people get turned onto local food.  Kale grown down the street and picked this morning has far superior flavor and nutrient density compared to that available at the grocery store – and I love knowing that I’m nourishing my own children with foods that support my farmer’s family, my community’s health, and my local economy.  Helping people learn this truth for themselves drives my own enthusiasm.  


I love knowing that I'm - Shelly Smith

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone that wants to become more involved in the local food community?
Regularly attend farmers’ markets!  Even if you can’t afford to buy all your food at the market – make a habit of attending.  There is so much information to be learned from connecting with our growers.  Your farmer can teach you a lot about what is available and why – depending on our climate, the growing season, the market – and make suggestions about what produce is at its peak and when you can expect others to be available.  You can also learn about a variety of sustainably raised meats and in cuts not traditionally available at the grocery store.  Plus, when you begin eating locally and seasonally, there are constantly new foods available!  


What is your favorite vegetable that you can find at markets in the winter?
Yukina savoy!  I love eating it raw – it’s slightly sweeter than baby kale and crisper than spinach. You might find me walking the Winter Farmers’ Market with my hand in a bag – just snacking away!  It’s also easily hidden in smoothies for my kids.  Typically I either toss a handful into a salad, or use it as a bed of raw greens under salmon or chicken.  


It’s here! 2015 Seacoast Harvest

Brandmoore Farm piglets
       photo by Rebecca Moore

It’s here!

Seacoast Harvest, both print and online, is now available!

Our thanks to the volunteers, farmers, donors, and sponsors that make this important community resource possible!

You can pick up your copy at our SNAP/EBT booth at the Durham, Dover, Exeter, or Portsmouth Farmers Markets, or at MEat in Kittery. Going none of those places? Drop us a line and we’ll make sure you get one.

In addition to sponsors we thanked earlier in FebruaryMarch, and April, we’d like to thank the following sponsors:

Newburyport Farmers Market

Stock + Spice



Blue Moon Evolution










Throwback Brewery


TVC Systems






Our community is pretty amazing

As of this blog post, we’re just $4100 away from the fundraising goal for the 9th edition of Seacoast Harvest! We’re buttoning up the proofreading and details, contacting farms and farmers’ markets for last minute updates, and have the cover photo finalized! Our thanks to the volunteers, farmers, donors, and sponsors that make this important community resource possible! In addition to sponsors we thanked earlier in February and March, we’d like to thank the following sponsors:

Thank you!

Our thanks to the following Seacoast Harvest 2015-2016 sponsors!




















clipperslogo herbfarmacylogo
Winnipesaukee Chocolateslogo



































Chef’s Edition Sponsor

three Riverslogo

If you too would like to support Seacoast Harvest (tax-deductible!), you can make a donation online or mail a check made out to “Seacoast Eat Local” to 67 Airport Road, Newington, NH 03801. We welcome business and community sponsorships! The sponsorship deadline is April 25th 2015.

Thank you Seacoast Harvest sponsors!

We’re about halfway to the fundraising goal for the 9th edition of Seacoast Harvest! Our thanks to the volunteers, farmers, donors, and sponsors that make this important community resource possible!

Thank you!

Our thanks to the following Seacoast Harvest 2015-2016 sponsors!

Join this great group! Email [email protected]


Allergy Associates of New Hampshire

BCM Environmental Law






BikramFarm Credit East





Great Works Regional Land Trust






Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire















Please support local food and agriculture with a donation to Seacoast Harvest. You can make a donation online here or mail a check made out to “Seacoast Eat Local” to 67 Airport Road, Newington, NH 03801. We welcome business and community sponsorships!

Thank you Seacoast Harvest Sponsors!

With over 125 farms already having updated their information for the 2015 edition of Seacoast Harvest, the latest and greatest 9th(!) edition is planned to for release in early May. Donations from the following businesses are making it possible to make this edition the best ever and we’re so grateful to be in a community with so many good people doing great work!

Applecrest Farm Orchardsheron_pond_logo.1
riversleafarmLogo stoutoakfarmsign









If you too would like to support Seacoast Harvest, you can make a donation online here or mail a check (tax-deductible!) made out to “Seacoast Eat Local” to 67 Airport Road, Newington, NH 03801. We welcome business and community sponsorships!

Pledge your support to the local food system, lend a hand in 2015!

We had an amazing year in 2014 with increased SNAP access at local farmers’ markets, new farms added to our network, actual tons of food grown, collected, gleaned, and donated to area food pantries, and to top it off some stellar Winter Farmers’ Markets! It is with your help we continue to succeed in our efforts to make local food access a reality for all people in the Seacoast and beyond! We’ve got a number of great efforts underway and more to come in the year ahead. Please sign up to help with one of our projects below and stay tuned for future updates. Much like our favorite foods, volunteer options change with the seasons.  Thank you for your continued support!

volunteer exeter snow

Winter Farmers Market Volunteering Options

Our markets are community events that need community participation and support to run smoothly. We look for a morning crew of at least 10 volunteers to help with market set-up (assist with vendor parking, helping unload vendor vehicles, and moving tables). We also need 8-9 friendly and outgoing foodies to help at our information booth and around the market. In addition we are looking for a couple smiling greeters/counters. Our upcoming market on January 24th still needs volunteer support. Make a farmers’ day and help them unload their goods. You get a first glimpse of all the great options at market and are first in line when the market starts.

You can sign up to volunteer for any or all dates in the rest of the season right now, you’ll get a reminder the week of each market!

We also have a number of special events, veggie tastings and kids’ activities occurring throughout the season. If you are interested in helping with one of these upcoming activities email [email protected] for more information.

SH image 15Join The Seacoast Harvest Team!

Each year Seacoast Eat Local relies on the dedication and talents of volunteers to help update and create the newest version of Seacoast Harvest. Our local food guide is a valuable resource for customers and farmers alike. Each year the guide shines a spotlight on farms, farm stands, CSA’s, fisheries, farmers’ markets, and food pantries within Strafford, Rockingham, and York counties.

Seacoast Harvest volunteers will need to be available between the last week in January through the end of February. There will be one mandatory in-person meeting/training (Date TBD), while the rest of the work can be done from home. Volunteers must have access to a computer/internet, phone, and be comfortable emailing and calling farmers. This is a great way to learn more about the farms and agricultural resources in the Seacoast. If you are interested please contact Sarah, at [email protected].