Cranberries at the Winter Farmers’ Market. Because, Thanksgiving.

Oh, yes, we’ll have lots and lots and lots of Maine grown cranberries at the Winter Farmers’ Market this coming Saturday. Cranberries are for me the local icing on the local cake of the local Thanksgiving, the perfect foil to the delicious richness that is the rest of the meal.

Cranberries are the best for thanksgiving
photo courtesy flickr user Bruce Foster

The cranberries are from Sugar Hill Farm, in Columbia Falls, Maine. They’re IPM. We’ll be selling them at the Market Information booth on Saturday, November 23rd at our Winter Farmers’ Market at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford. We sell products that fit into our mission and that vendors don’t already have as a fundraiser to keep the markets open and awesome.

We’ve got a host of cranberry recipes over on Pinterest, and we’d love to hear about your faves. As for me, if Wild Miller Gardens brings any horseradish, I’ll be buying double the cranberries I need in order to make this cranberry horseradish spread for my turkey sandwich leftovers.

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