Farmland Transfer and Succession — New Resources

If you are thinking about a generational farm transfer, or have other concerns about keeping your farm as productive farmland when you are no longer farming, consider these new resources (pdf documents, downloadable free of charge) from the Land for Good program in Keene, NH:

Check out these three new publications focused on farmland access and transfer:

  • This guide assists senior farmers who don’t have a successor lined up to take over the farm.
  • This guide helps next generation farmers get the farm transfer process going on their family farm operation.
  • This guide is for service providers who work–or who would like to work–with transitioning farm families.These unique publications help senior and junior farming generations get the farm succession process going, from setting goals to understanding legal and financial terms used in farmland and business transfers. They are also valuable resources for service providers who work with these audiences.

    Land for Good (LFG), based in Keene, NH, collaborated with several New England organizations to develop these resources through its Land Access Project (LAP). This project aims to make land more available, affordable and accessible for beginning and other New England farmers.

    To help New England farm seekers and farm property owners find each other, LAP also launched New England Farmland Finder, a free, simple and searchable farm property clearinghouse for the region. Landowners and land managers can post available properties here.

    LAP also published two guides for private, organizational and municipal farmland owners.

    All LAP publications are available on the Land for Good and  New England Farmland Finder websites. Print copies may be purchased from Land for Good. For more information about these or other LAP resources, the LAP project, and LFG, please visit their website or email [email protected].

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