CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)


Photo credit: Vernon Family Farm

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is an opportunity for customers to develop a close relationship with an individual farm while gaining a share in the farm’s harvest.

Farms offering CSA’s for Summer 2021 

Please contact farms directly for more information.  A complete list of all farms offering CSA shares is also available through Seacoast Harvest, including descriptions of each of their offerings and programs. If you have SNAP and would like to learn more about how to use your EBT card to purchase a CSA, contact our program coordinator, Morgan Morani, at [email protected] If you are a farm and are not listed and would like to be listed please contact Morgan. If you are listed and would like to add a photo email a photo to Morgan.

CSAs are organized by county and style below alphabetically. Traditional style CSAs are similar to a subscription box of fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. Debit-style CSAs are similar to receiving a store credit to the farm of your choosing that can be used for the season.


Rockingham County, NH

Fruit and Vegetable CSAs

Traditional Style

Applecrest Farm Orchards

Description: Hand-picked fruits and veggies grown as close as the crow flies. Everything in your share is guaranteed for peak ripeness and color, plucked from our fields the day of pick-up. Term: 20 weeks (June thru October). Pick-up Locations: Applecrest Farm, Mission Fitness in Portsmouth, Pease Tradeport businesses, Stratham’s Domain Drive businesses, and Memories Ice Cream in Kingston. We offer flexible payment plans and offer 15% off all purchases in our Farm Market and Creamery! 

Website: www.applecrest.com/NH-CSA-community.html

Contact: [email protected]

Bee Thankful Farm

Description: Our season usually runs 21 weeks, starting the first week of June. Everything we grow is equally shared among our CSA member families. We utilize strict, post-harvest handling procedures for all our products. They are hydro-cooled, washed and refrigerated where necessary. Each week’s harvest is divided up, bagged or bundled, and ready to be picked up during our long pick-up hours. Members receive enough product for two adults and two children. Members pick up their bounty anytime Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM, or Saturday 8 AM to noon.

Website: beethankfulfarm.com

Contact: phone: (603) 660-0115, email: [email protected]

Charmingfare Farm

Description: CSA offers 18 weeks of vegetables and some fruit. Pick up is each Wednesday.

Website: visitthefarm.com

Contact: phone: (603) 483-5623, email: [email protected]

Governor Dale Farm

Description: Full Share-This is a full season commitment. You will receive (pick up at the farm) a share of fresh vegetables once a week, for 18 weeks, starting mid June until mid October. Each week the shares will differ and feature new, fresh items from the garden. It will be a diverse bounty to complement a few meals. You will have a chance to “eat with the seasons” and to try unique heirloom varieties you won’t find at the grocery store.  Payment is required IN FULL no later than May 1st, 2021. This helps the farm with operational costs at a lean time of year.

“Opt-in” Share-You are not required to give any upfront payment, nor are you locked in for the full season. This option gives folks the opportunity to opt-in week to week. Starting in June you will receive a weekly email detailing what the share will contain for the upcoming week. You will have the opportunity to OPT-IN. Simple. If you do not want a share do not reply. If you want a share, reply. The instructions will be in the email. Our correspondence will look something like, “Farmer Josh, I’m in for a share this week.” To which you will receive a response of, “Order received, thanks so much! Your share will be available to pick up at the barn. I’ve been eating cherry tomatoes like candy!”

Work Share-This is a full season commitment and a fun one. This opportunity is geared toward locals looking to eat well and get their hands dirty this summer. Helping hands are crucial during the summer to get big planting, weeding, and harvest projects done. Join the effort, reap the harvest, feel good! You will be required to average 4 hours/week of field work during the CSA schedule (mid June to mid October). You will receive a Full Share and be entitled to one pick-your-own bouquet from the flower garden each week. Additional perks like eating string beans, fresh cukes, and cherry tomatoes off the vine will most certainly exist as well, no doubt. I understand vacations and scheduling conflicts will occur so please do not stress. It’s an average of 4 hours a week. I am flexible. We will make this work. During the season I work in the field 7 days/week and am willing to plan around your schedule so you can fulfill your hours. Both independent tasks (hand weeding the flower garden while butterflies dance around you) as well as team projects (planting 750lbs of potatoes) will occur. We will make this a great growing season, together!

Pricing: Full Share-18 Shares-Value: $600, Discount: -$100, You Pay: $500 

“Opt-in” Share-$35/week

Work Share-You Pay: $300
Field Work requirement: 4 hours/week
Entitled to 1 FREE bouquet of flowers per week (PYO)
Earn a $50 produce credit to use after the CSA ends

CSA Pick-up Schedule (subject to change):
Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Monday: 2pm – 6pm

Contact: [email protected], https://www.instagram.com/govdalefarmproduce/

Payment is required at pickup. The share will be identical to the CSA Full Share, and will cost $35.

Heron Pond Farm

Description: When you arrive you, will be greeted by one of the farmers from Heron Pond Farm. They will help you get signed in and give you a list of the food in the share that week, or it may be written on the “share wall.” Each location will be set up farm stand style; meaning we do not pre-box your farm share. This allows you to pick out your own vegetables and fruits.
This year, in order to increase choice and FLEXIBILITY within our Farm share we have redesigned the system to better fit the needs of you, our best consumer. we let you know the vegetables that are available and you create the list, choosing the vegetables that best fit your needs for that week. Please note, some weeks there may be a group with one choice in it depending on time of year.
Our Summer share starts in early June and runs 20 weeks with pickups every week until mid-October. Our Winter share starts in late October and runs 22 weeks with pickups every week until the end of March.
We have designed our share keeping you our best customer in mind! We allow the ultimate freedom of choice, no shares are pre-boxed and there is no list to follow. We let you know what fruits and vegetables are available and you choose the items you prefer.

Pick up locations in:
South Hampton, NH at our farm stand daily 9 am to 6 pm
Dover, NH Tuesday 2:30-6 pm
Portsmouth, NH Wednesdays 1:30-6 pm
North Andover, MA Thursdays 2:30-6 pm

Pricing Structure: 
Little Blue (formally known as a partial share) $400/season
Great Blue (formally known as a full share) $600/season
+Remote site fee $45/season

Website: https://www.heronpondfarm.com/farm-shares

Contact: [email protected]

Hobbs Farm

Description: Summer CSA, June- October

Website: https://www.throwbackbrewery.com/about/hobbs-farm/

Contact: phone: (603) 379-2317, email: [email protected]

Pelosi Family Farm

Description: Our CSA lasts for 20 weeks (late May to early October) and allows our members to select what they want from a wide variety of vegetables each week. Pickups are at Liar’s Bench Beer Co. in Portsmouth, Thursdays 5-9pm and at the Kittery Community Market in Kittery, Sundays 10-2pm.

Contact: phone: (603) 365-6995, email: [email protected]

Stone Wall Farm

Description: CSA Share Options include: WEEKLY VEGETABLE SHARES: Members pick up their weekly share of organic vegetables at our Farm Store beginning in early June. Shares are designed for one household, and typically feed 2 – 4 people. Each weekly box includes 8 or more different vegetables. $555 for 18 weeks. FARM STORE CREDIT SHARES: This is a flexible style CSA. Shop with pre-paid credit at our Farm Store, or at our booth at the Exeter Farmers’ Market. Make a commitment to the farm in advance of the growing season, and get a 5 to 10% discount on all products sold at our Farm Store – our own vegetables, herbs, and seedlings, as well as products raised by our friends at other local farms. You can spend as much or as little of your credit as you like each time you visit. OPTIONAL CSA ADD-ONS: Localvore Share (NEW this year) offered in two 4-week sessions in June and October. Localvore Shares include vegetables, meat, dairy, grains, and other local products, along with a weekly meal plan.

Pricing Strucure: $555 for 18 weeks

Contact: phone: (603) 679-8101, email: [email protected]

Stout Oak Farm

Description: 18 weeks of fresh organic vegetables. You will get 8-10 different vegetables to cook with every week. An add-on of a 20 week greens box is also available as well as a debit-style CSA that can be used as a credit at the farm store and online.

Pricing Structure:


Greens box-$400

Debit-style CSA- $100, $250, $500

Website: https://stoutoakfarm.com/2021-csa-options/

Contact: [email protected]

Wake Robin Farm

Description: All shares are picked up/delivered weekly beginning the first week of June and continuing into October. Current pick up options are at the farm stand on Tuesday afternoons, or Seaport Fish in Rye on Thursday afternoons. Please contact us to inquire about other possible locations, including corporate deliveries. Vegetable Share $500: Designed for a family of 2-4 depending on vegetable consumption. 18 weeks of seasonal veggies, herbs, and fruits.

Website: https://wakerobinfarm.wordpress.com/csa-paypal/

Contact: [email protected]


Meadow’s Mirth

Description:  CSA is a farm store credit, not a boxed share. You get to choose the food you want when you want it. You can stop by the store and log your purchases without having to worry about cash or credit payments. Purchases are charged against your balance and you can add to your balance whenever needed.

Pricing structure: $210-$400


Contact: phone: (603) 767-2610, email: [email protected]


Traditional Style

Bell & Goose Cheese Co.

Description: We offer a cheese share through Heron Pond Farm’s year round csa along side fruits, veggies, meats, flowers and mushrooms!

Website: bellandgoose.com

Contact: phone: (603) 793-3989, email: [email protected]

Coombs Farm

Description: We offer a meat CSA that provides your family with all of the protein needed for the year. Please call or email for more information.

Website: coombsfarm.com

Contact: phone: (603) 395-0265, email: [email protected]

Hurd Farm

Description: We offer a winter and summer CSA with a 10 or 20 lb. option. The pick up is at the farm on the first Friday of every month. Each month you will receive a different selection of cuts of meat and at the end of the summer CSA, you will receive a farm fresh turkey for Thanksgiving.

Website: hurdfarm.com

Contact: phone: (603) 944-6869, email: [email protected]

NH Community Seafood

Description: We are a CSF- Community Supported Fishery, just like a CSA, but with seafood. We particularly promote under utilized species native to our NH waters. We work seasonally with our NH commercial fishermen and lobstermen, as well as Oyster Farmers. We offer a fresh, off-the-boat, local Catch of the Week Fish Share program and a Shellfish Program. Fish range from local favorites like Haddock and Pollock to White Hake and Monkfish. Shellfish shares include local Scallops, NH farmed Oysters, NH caught lobster and crab. We offer a Spring/Summer and Fall Session. Memberships per session are 8 or 16 week. We also offer an Annual Membership. April 15-August 3 is our Spring/Summer Program and August 12–November 30 is our Fall Session. We have 22 pick up locations. See our website for details: www.nhcommunityseafood.com

Website: nhcommunityseafood.com

Contact: [email protected]

Short Creek Farm

Description: We offer a Pasture-Raised Pork CSA year-round in which members choose their pick-up month and get their share in a single bulk distribution. We also offer add-on shares to vegetable CSA programs run by Heron Pond Farm and Stout Oak Farm. These shares are distributed weekly. 

Website: https://shortcreeknh.com/


Kellie Brook Farm

Description: $200 Share – $215 on account (that’s a 8% match) $400 Share – $440 on account (that’s a 10% match) $600 Share – $670 on account (that’s a 12% match) You chose the amount you want to invest & You chose what to buy and when to buy it!

Website: https://kelliebrookfarm.com/csa

Contact: phone: (603) 702-0342, email: [email protected]

Vernon Family Farm

Description: Year-round farm store credit, details can be found on online store.

Pricing details: $300, $500, $700

Website: https://www.vernonfamilyfarm.com/

Contact: Phone: 603.340.4321, Email: [email protected]

Strafford County NH

Fruit and Vegetable CSAs

Traditional Style

Doo-Bee-Doo Farm

Description: Our CSA box can be either half or full share and contains a seasonal mix of produce from the first week of June to the last week of October.

Website: doobeedoofarm.com

Contact: [email protected]

Determination Farms

Description: Fresh veggies delivered every week to your home or business for 16 weeks starting in mid-June to end of September.

Website: determinationfarms.com

Contact: phone: (603) 767-3200, email: [email protected]

Clyde Farm

Description: We will be offering a 14-week veggie share, 10 week flower bouquet share as well as a fresh chicken share. We also offer bulk pickup of fresh chicken for your freezer.

Website: clydefarm.com

Contact: [email protected]




Mildred’s Drumlin Farm

Description: We offer an 18 week traditional boxed share with 8 – 10 items per week, running from June to mid October. Our CSA shares includes a share of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries

Contact: phone: (603) 292-5949, email: [email protected]

Vickery Farm

Description: Our Summer CSA runs for 18 weeks from June through October, and we offer pick-ups in Durham, Dover, Stratham, and Seaport Fish in Rye! You will enjoy many tried and true heirloom varieties, along with some of the most exciting new hybrids. Every winter we spend countless hours searching out the best possible vegetables, flowers, and herbs to offer our customers. If we anticipate that you may be unfamiliar with a particular item, we will include cooking options. What you will receive will vary from week to week during the growing season.

Contact: (603) 781-9855

Viel Farm

Description: Summer CSA, mixed product

Contact: (603) 749-6061


Brandmoore Farm

Description: We offer a year round debit CSA through our self serve farm store. CSA members receive a 10% bonus on the amount paid to use towards anything available in our farm store.

Website: brandmoorefarm.com

Contact: phone: (603) 828-2402, email: [email protected]

Brasen Hill Farm

Description: Customizable and flexible, we offer a monthly CSA that works for you, with no bulk payment. This includes the convenience of ordering right from your computer, tablet, or phone. At our pickup locations, your box is packed for you to take home, or you can choose home delivery and have your CSA share delivered right to your house. Our CSA runs year round. We welcome members for a single month or up to entire year subscriptions. Cancel at any time with no commitment, and your credit never expires with us, so you can make your CSA membership as flexible as you need for you and your family.

Website: brasenhillfarm.com

Contact: phone: (603) 868-2001, email: [email protected]

DogRose Farm

Description: Flexible debit-style options with bonus dollars and farm discounts.

Pricing: $550, $350, $150

Website: dogrosefarm.com

Contact: phone: (207) 751-1301, email: [email protected]

Emery Farm

Description: Year-round CSA, debit style

Website: emeryfarm.com

Contact:phone: (603) 742-8495 email: [email protected]

Mckenzie’s Farm

Description: If you purchase a share, think of this as a ‘house account’ at McKenzie’s Farm. Your name, information and balance will be stored in our computer system which will allow you to come to the farm and purchase whatever produce or products you need! CSA member benefits include:

A gift of 10% on share purchase price
Email updates giving advance notice for upcoming sales and specials
Sales and specials reserved for CSA members
Members pick up items 7 days a week during normal business hours (9:00am-6:00pm) during the open season (mid May through November)
Members receive one FREE McKenzie’s Farm Reusable Grocery Bag
A warm and fuzzy feeling knowing YOU helped a local farm and supported the Buy Local Movement

Share of $500 or $250 = $550 or $275 respectively

Website: https://mckenziesfarm.com/csa/

Contact: phone: (603) 652-9400, email: [email protected]

Tiny Hill Farm

Description: Year-round credit account CSA with dawn-to-dusk hours at our farm store. Quarterly Bread Club shares are also available.

Contact: phone: (603) 817-0081, email: [email protected]



Tuckaway Farm

Description: Year-round credit account CSA with dawn-to-dusk hours at our farm store. and Bread Club (with Juniper Cottage Bake Shop) at our farm store.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/tuckawayfarmnh/

Contact: phone: (603) 988-5065 email: [email protected]


Debit Style

Velvet Pastures Elk Ranch

Description: Year round, debit style CSA. Save up to 12% on all your local food purchased at Vernon Family Farm’s store or farmers market stall. Vernon Family Farm’s CSA allows you to access local food from over 30 local farms and producers!

Website: http://www.velvetpastures.com/home.html

Contact: [email protected] or call us at 603 659-6972

Virgin Oyster Company, LLC

Description: Year round debit-style, NH Community Seafood’s CSF includes our oysters.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/VirginOysterCompany/

York County ME

Fruit and Vegetable CSAs

Traditional Style

Black Kettle Farm

Description: The Black Kettle Farm CSA is 19 weeks of certified organic produce at $500 for the season. Each week members received a variety of vegetables and fresh herbs that shift over the course of the season and there is never the same harvest twice. The CSA runs from mid June through October and members chose to pick-up either on the farm in Lyman, on Tuesdays from 4:30-6:30 PM or for delivery to Portland’s East End, on Wednesdays from 4:30-6:30 PM. Vegetable shares also include a weekly newsletter with recipes and farm information. Stay tuned for a delivery option to the Seacoast! Please be in touch if this interests you, we are still scouting locations for a weekly delivery in 2019 to the Kittery area.

Pricing: $500

Website: blackkettlefarm.com

Contact: [email protected]

Bartlett Farm Services

Description: A wide variety of vegetables. Weekly in Eliot times to be set up with the customer.

Contact: phone: (207) 439-3083, email: [email protected]

Greenlaw Gardens

Description: Summer CSA, fruit/vegetable only.

Website: www.GreenlawGardens.com

Contact: phone: (207) 286-7767, email: [email protected]

Frith Farm

Description: Summer CSA, fruit/vegetable only, Accepts SNAP as payment for CSA

Website: frithfarm.net

Contact: phone: (207) 730-9077, email: [email protected]

Fricklepod Farm

Description: CSA shares include an assortment of vegetables picked up at the farm right after they are harvested. Pickups are Tuesdays or Fridays, from noon to 6pm, and run for 20 weeks from June through October. A whole share provides a generous amount of produce for 2 to 4 people, and a half share is sized for 1 or 2 people, depending on their love of vegetables. Weekly pickups consist of ten to twenty different vegetables, according to what is in season. Half share members choose any 6 of these items (or multiple servings of the same item), and whole share members choose 12. We grow many heirloom and popular varieties of over 40 different vegetables. Also part of your CSA membership is the opportunity to cut flowers and herbs from the farm as you please throughout the season.

Website: frinklepodfarm.com

Contact: [email protected]

Hilltop Boilers Maple Syrup

Description: Our CSA offers approximately $20 of produce each week for 18 weeks and 12 weeks of flower bouquets. It is great for one hungry vegetarian or two omnivores. We also offer an add-on beer share, which features two can of beer picked by our brewers each week. Our pick up days are Wednesdays or Fridays at Throwback Brewery, and it costs $450. Our Flower CSA offers delivery or pickup of one large, professionally arranged vase of farm fresh flowers each week for 10 weeks, for $165.

Contact: phone: (207) 793-8850, email: [email protected]

Martha’s Garden

Description: Mixed fruit CSA, 12 weeks starting mid-August. Pick up at the farm Fri. thru Sunday.

Contact: phone: (207) 363-7344, email: [email protected]

Orange Circle Farm

Description: Our CSA runs 19 weeks from early June through mid-October (no pickups week of July 4). Each week includes a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs pre-packed and delivered around the Seacoast for your convenience. Full and small shares available. Flower CSA shares are available for a 10-week season from mid-July through mid-September. Pickup days/locations: Tuesdays: Berwick, Kittery, Portsmouth and Stratham Thursdays: Berwick and Kittery Fridays: Berwick Our Flower CSA includes a wide variety of blooms including carnations, cosmos, dahlias, foxglove, gladiolus, lillies, poppies, scented geraniums, snapdragons, sunflowers and zinnias.

Pricing: $200-$600

Website: https://orangecirclefarm.com/

Contact: phone: (207) 752-7855, email: [email protected]


Description: CSA pickup locations offered in Berwick, Dover, Portsmouth, Stratham and Kittery. Our Vegetable CSA is 19 weeks long from June – October. Full and small shares are available. Our Flower CSA is 10 weeks long from July-September. All the details are available on our website.

Website: https://www.omniflorafarm.com/

Contact: phone: (207) 703-2982, email: [email protected]

Phil’s Farm

Description: 20 week veggie, herb and flower CSA. June through October. Pickups at Liar’s Bench Beer Co. in Portsmouth. Thursdays from 5-8pm.

Pricing: Full: $720, Partial: $360

Website: https://www.philsfarmcsa.com/sign-up

Contact: phone: (610) 574-6357, email: [email protected]

Sandy Hill Farm

Description:Veggies, Fruits, Flowers, Mushrooms, and meat add ons.

Website: https://www.sandyhillmaine.com/

Contact: phone: (207) 475-7360, email: seacoastcsa @ gmail.com

Spiller Farm

Description: Our CSA is for 18 weeks from early June into October. We have berries and apples as well as a large assortment of veggies for ONLY $300 for the whole season. Much more info will be at www.spillerfarm.com during sign up time January until May 15.

Pricing: $300/season

Website: spillerfarm.com

Contact: phone: (207) 985-2575, email: [email protected]

Sirois Family Farm

Description: Our CSA is for 18 weeks from early June into October. We have berries and apples as well as a large assortment of veggies for ONLY $350 for the whole season. Much more info will be at www.spillerfarm.com during sign up time January until May 15.

Pricing: $350/season

Website: www.spillerfarm.com

Contact: phone: (207) 432-8042, email: [email protected]

Two Farmers Farm

Description: Summer vegetable CSA full/half shares (15 weeks of pick ups at the farm stand $400/$250), Summer Marketshares: $100 each (buy as many as you want) and get $120 to spend at any of our summer markets or farm stand, Seedling CSA– 5 pick ups of seedlings throughout the planting season: early crops, hot crops, storage crops and successional crops OVER 400 PLANTS with tips, tricks, advice $150.

Website: twofarmersfarm.com

Contact: [email protected]

Two Toad Farm

Description: 3 types of shares– TRADITIONAL: full and half summer vegetable shares are 15 weeks long, cost $400 and $250, and are picked up Mondays at our farm store in Lebanon, Maine; MARKETSHARES: buy as many as you want for $100 and get a $120 credit for each to use at our markets (Portsmouth and Sanford) and our farm store– use on anything we sell; SEEDLING CSA: four pick-ups of seedlings throughout spring with tips tricks, and advice. This is a pre-planned garden with about 400 seedlings total for $150.00. To order: Online or print out sign up sheet and mail with check.

Pricing: Full: $400 Partial: $250 Market Share: $100 and get a $120 credit for each to use at our market, Seedling: 400 seedlings total for $150.00

Website: www.TwoToadFarm.com

Contact: contact form-https://twotoadfarm.com/contact/

Three Sisters Farm

Description: 16 week CSA includes a wide range of fresh produce June-September. Full and part shares are available.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Three-Sisters-Farm-149571535735428/about/?ref=page_internal

Debit Style

McDougal Orchards LLC

Description: Our CSA is a debit style where our members get 10% back and are allowed to use their CSA on any product we sell including U-pick fruit.

Website: mcdougalorchards.com

Contact: phone: (207) 324-5054, email: [email protected]

Riverside Farm Stand and Greenhouse

Description: A Riverside Farm CSA is different than the typical CSA. You are in control of your CSA Dollars. (1) YOU CHOOSE which CSA items you want (pick up at Farm Stand) (2) YOU CHOOSE the quantity of any item (we do not prefill a bag for you) (3) YOU CHOOSE what day of the week to pick up anytime during our normal business hours. 9am to 6pm 7 days a week – Starting mid April thru October 31st. (4) YOU CHOOSE from many items not normally available through a CSA such as Chicken Pot Pies, Bedding Plants and so much more… Everything we sell at the Farm Stand, perishable or nonperishable, is included in the CSA. (5) YOU CHOOSE the amount of your CSA starting at $250 on up. (6) YOU CHOOSE how to pay for your share. Either by CHECK OR CREDIT CARD. Cash too if you want to hand deliver. All members will receive EXTRA BONUS CSA Dollars!! Your Bonus is calculated by multiplying your “purchase price” times “10%”.

Pricing: Starting at $250

Website: http://riversidefarmstand.com/

Contact: phone: (207) 370-5103, email: [email protected]

Snell Family Farm

Description: Snell Family Farm offers a variation of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), whereby customers prepay for farm products and receive a 10% discount for their support. This gives the Snells some operating capital before the season and makes shopping convenient for the customers. With the money discounted 10%, $90.00 buys $100.00 credit, $180.00 is worth $200.00, $270.00 becomes a balance of $300.00, and so on. If the balance is not used up in the course of one season, the money is carried forward to the next year or refunded at the customer’s request. If the balance is depleted early, a member may recharge the account. We will extend the 10% discount to the amount paid ahead after covering any overdraft.

Website: snellfamilyfarm.com

Contact: phone: (207) 929-6166, email: [email protected]


Traditional Style

New England Fishmongers

Description: We are a fishermen-owned and operated seafood business. We sell our catch directly to consumers. The fish is sold filleted, skinned and vacuum sealed in fresh portions (never frozen), sold within 24 hours of harvesting. We also sell sea scallops from December through April, as well as dog treats we make with dehydrated fish skins. All of our fish is caught in a traditional hook and line fashion, with a fishing rod and reel. Captain Tim and Kayla run their boat, F/V Finlander II, with two crew members in the Gulf of Maine, out of Portsmouth New Hampshire.

Website: https://newenglandfishmongers.com/

Contact: [email protected]

Hackmatack Farm

Description: Year-round CSA

Website: hackmatackfarm.com

Contact: phone: (207) 632-0618, email: [email protected]

CSK (Community Supported Kitchen)

HomeGrown Eats

CSK Description:  You can sign up to get weekly meals delivered directly to your door. 

  • Place your order using their website by 10:00 am Monday morning.
  • Wednesday evenings they will deliver your shares. Please be home between 4:00 – 7:00 pm or leave a cooler with an ice pack on the doorstep. A single weekly share is a full large grocery bag. 

A WEEKLY SHARE includes:

  • 2 entrees (1 meat, 1 vegetarian)
  • 2 sides
  • 1 soup or salad or appetizer
  • 1 large single serving dessert

One share will feed two people two complete meals, with possible leftovers depending on appetite. Dishes are always complemented by fresh salsas, sauces, pickles, breads and dips.

By signing up for 4 weeks of deliveries you are now a member of our Community Supported Kitchen. Every Wednesday, for 4 weeks, you will receive one share’s worth of meals.

*Added Bonus* The CSK Membership comes with a 15% discount on Share Upgrades add-on items on our website

When you order a CSK membership by 10:00 am Monday, the delivery starts the following Wednesday. Please specify in the notes if you would like to custom schedule your deliveries . Once started, you will receive your shares each Wednesday for 4 weeks. If you are away and would like to skip a week, just let us know by 10:00 am Monday for that Wednesday. We will resume delivery the following week.

Check out this Week’s Menu or Order Now.

Contact form

Choosing a CSA


Community Supported Agriculture or CSA is a partnership between consumers and farmers in which members buy shares of the farm’s harvest and enjoy regular allotments of food throughout the growing season. For farmers, this provides much needed cash flow for the beginning of the season, as well as a ready market and community of supporters. Shareholders join in the risks of the growing season but reap the benefits of the harvest. Each CSA farm has its own pricing structure, disbursement schedule, and some have work requirements.

Is a CSA right for you?

  • Do you like to eat lots of fresh vegetables?
  • Are you interested in trying new things?
  • Do you cook at home at least 4 times a week?

Questions to ask the farmers:

  • How much produce is in a share?
  • What vegetables (and fruits) are to be expected?
  • How many weeks is the share for?
  • When and where are shares picked up or delivered?
  • Are the shares pre-packed, or do members pack their own
  • What type of payment schedule is expected?
  • What happens if a pick-up is missed?
  • Does the CSA offer extra add-ons (eggs, dairy, meat, seafood, flowers)?
  • Is there a volunteer work requirement?
  • How long has the CSA been running?

Why Join a CSA?

  • support a local farm
  • get know the people who grow your food
  • eat fresh, nutritious food
  • eat seasonally
  • get introduced to new foods
  • learn more about your food and how it is grown
  • invest in local agriculture and responsible farming practices
  • reduce fossil fuel consumption used in food transport
  • feel good about your food choices