CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is an opportunity for customers to develop a close relationship with an individual farm while gaining a share in the farm’s harvest.

Choosing a CSA

Community Supported Agriculture or CSA is a partnership between consumers and farmers in which members buy shares of the farm’s harvest and enjoy regular allotments of food throughout the growing season. For farmers, this provides much needed cash flow for the beginning of the season, as well as a ready market and community of supporters. Shareholders join in the risks of the growing season but reap the benefits of the harvest. Each CSA farm has its own pricing structure, disbursement schedule, and some have work requirements. Signups for CSA shares begin in early winter by directly contacting the farm.


Is a CSA right for you?

  • Do you like to eat lots of fresh vegetables?
  • Are you interested in trying new things?
  • Do you cook at home at least 4 times a week?


Questions to ask the farmers:

  • How much produce is in a share?
  • What vegetables (and fruits) are to be expected?
  • How many weeks is the share for?
  • When and where are shares picked up or delivered?
  • Are the shares pre-packed, or do members pack their own
  • What type of payment schedule is expected?
  • What happens if a pick-up is missed?
  • Does the CSA offer extra add-ons (eggs, dairy, meat, seafood, flowers)?
  • Is there a volunteer work requirement?
  • How long has the CSA been running?


Why Join a CSA?

  • support a local farm
  • get know the people who grow your food
  • eat fresh, nutritious food
  • eat seasonally
  • get introduced to new foods
  • learn more about your food and how it is grown
  • invest in local agriculture and responsible farming practices
  • reduce fossil fuel consumption used in food transport
  • feel good about your food choices


Farms offering CSA’s for the 2020 season

Please contact farms directly for more information.  A complete list of all farms offering CSA shares is also available through Seacoast Harvest, including descriptions of each of their offerings and programs.

Applecrest Farm Orchards:  Built on a foundation of mutual support, Applecrest’s FarmShare creates a direct relationship between you and our farm. In exchange for your commitment to buy a share in our farm’s bounty, we in turn dedicate ourselves to you. We’re your family farmer, planting, cultivating and harvesting exceptional produce expressly for your table. The “share” represents our commitment, taking form as a weekly delivered box abundant with super fresh, hand-picked fruits and veggies.

Brasen Hill Farm: Customizable and flexible, we offer a monthly CSA that works for you, with no bulk payment. This includes the convenience of ordering right from your computer, tablet, or phone. At our pickup locations, your box is packed for you to take home, or you can choose home delivery and have your CSA share delivered right to your house.  Pickups in Barrington, Seacoast-wide home delivery available.  Contact Amy Forsyth, [email protected], (603) 868-2001.

Clyde Farm: Certified Organic Veggies, Flowers and Chicken from June-September. Our members have a variety of options to participate in our CSA program including a store credit.  Pickup at our new farm location in Farmington NH.  Contact [email protected]

Heron Pond Farm:  We have designed our share keeping you our best customer min mind!  We allow the ultimate freedom of choice, no shares are pre-boxed and there is no list to follow.  We let you know what fruits and vegetables are available and you choose the items you prefer.  We offer two sizes of shares: a partial share for $400 and a full share for $600.  We have three pickup locations: at the farm in South Hampton NH, and host homes in Portsmouth NH and Dover NH.

Hurd Farm: We offer a winter and summer CSA with a 10 or 20lb option. The pick up is at the farm on the first Friday of every month. Each month you will receive a different selection of cuts of meat and at the end of the summer CSA, you will receive a farm fresh turkey for Thanksgiving.   Contact [email protected]

Kellie Brook Farm: You chose, free style CSA. $200 Share – $215 on account (that’s a 8% match) $400 Share – $440 on account (that’s a 10% match) $600 Share – $670 on account (that’s a 12% match) You chose the amount you want to invest and you chose what to buy and when to buy it!  Pickups at any market we are at or our farm stand.  Contact [email protected]

New England Fishmongers: we are a group of jig fishermen who operate the F/V Finlander and sell our fish directly to consumers and restaurants. We sell the catch from our boat as well as other fishermen and harvesters.

Omniflora Farm: Enjoy the finest local blooms in season with Omniflora’s cut flower share! Brighten your home or work space, or consider a share for a unique and memorable gift for any occasion. Choose from four large bouquets of dahlias in September, thirteen weekly mixed bouquets, or customize your share and choose the weeks you pick up (4-week minimum). Additionally, we offer a special 6-week mixed bouquet share available for pick-up at Brandmoore Farm in Rollinsford, NH

Orange Circle Farm: Our Vegetable CSA is 19 weeks from June-October with full and half shares available. Our Flower CSA is 10 weeks from July-September.  Pickups in Berwick, Dover, Portsmouth, Stratham and Kittery.  Register at www.orangecirclefarm.com.

Phil’s Farm: Phil’s Farm CSA offers both full and half shares of veggies, herbs and flowers from June 6th to October 17th. Full share equates to $30 worth of food and half share equates to $15 each week.

Riverside Farm: CSA members get to choose which CSA items they want and how much they want anytime during our normal business hours, 7 days a week 9am to 6pm. Everything we sell at the Farm Stand, perishable or nonperishable, is included. CSA runs from Mid April to October 31st.

Sandy Hill Farm: Organically grown fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, flowers and herbs.  Pickups in Eliot or free delivery to home!

Short Creek Farm: We offer a Pasture-Raised Pork CSA year-round in which members choose their pick-up month and get their share in a single bulk distribution. We also offer add-on shares to vegetable CSA programs run by Heron Pond Farm and Stout Oak Farm. These shares are distributed weekly.

Sioris Family Farm: We offer pork, chickens and turkeys monthly year round. Pickup at the farm store in Lebanon, Maine.  Contact [email protected]

Stout Oak Farm: Stout Oak Farm offers WEEKLY BOXED SHARES and FARM STORE CREDIT MEMBERSHIPS. Our 2020 Weekly Share options include Organic Vegetable Shares (18 weeks), Greens Boxes (18 weeks), and Localvore Shares (4-week sessions). Weekly shares begin in June. CSA pickup happens at our Farm Store in Brentwood. If you need a more flexible style CSA, opt for a Farm Store Credit Membership. Choose your membership level and get a 5 to 10% discount. Shop with pre-paid credit at our Farm Store, or farmers’ market booth at the Exeter Farmers’ Market or Seacoast Eat Local Winter Farmers’ Market (Exeter location).  Contact [email protected]

Three River Farmers Alliance: What makes our CSA program different and unique is that we aggregate a variety of vegetables from multiple farms and create a boxed share every week to be delivered to your workplace! Upon registering for our CSA through our website, you will be able to add on more local products through our online marketplace from our network of over 25 producers to be delivered with your boxed veggie share weekly. We require at least 10 people at each location to make your workplace a CSA site.  We deliver boxed veggie shares to area workplaces in the Seacoast and Manchester areas of NH.  Contact Kirsten White, (603) 801-5408.

Two Toad Farm: Summer Vegetable CSA: 15 weekly pickups in Lebanon, Maine; Marketshares: get 20% free shopping at any of our markets or farm stand; Seedling CSA: learn to grow your own food. Over 400 plants spread over 5 pickups– a pre-planned garden with organic tips, tricks and advice.  Pickups in Lebanon and Springvale, Maine, the Sanford Market or the Portsmouth Market.  Signup at www.TwoToadFarm.com.

Wake Robin Farm: We strive to provide the highest quality (not to mention tastiest!) produce we can. You will enjoy many tried and true heirloom varieties, along with some of the most exciting new hybrids. Every winter we spend countless hours searching out the best possible vegetables, flowers, and herbs to offer our customers. We send out weekly emails on Sunday evenings detailing the items in the share for the coming week. We also include recipes and storage instructions.  Pickup at the farm, in Dover, Newmarket, or Rye.  Contact [email protected]


For more information on CSAs, read our blog posts: How CSA’s Save Local Farms (and the World) and February is CSA Month (All about CSAs).