Meet the new winter market vendors: 5 Questions for Flying Goat Farm

Flying goat farm

This Saturday, Jan 25th, we’re welcoming Flying Goat Farm to our Winter Market in Rollinsford.

We are ridiculously pleased because a) we love cheese b) this is delicious cheese and c) Flying Goat Farm recently was able to upgrade their equipment due to a successful Kickstarter campaign resulting in their ability to sell cheese across state lines, making this their first market in NH!

As a fun getting to know you activity, we asked them 5 questions.
Here are their answers.

5 questions for the Flying Goat Farmers:

1. Flying Goat Farm i(fill in the blank) a labor of love and insanity.  And the goats only fly when no one is looking.

2. Why cheese? We love dairy, and milk takes up too much space.  Why goats? They are awesome!

3. What’s the best day like? Devin: All goats in the right place.  Cara: Any day with an armful of new kids and happy healthy mommas.

4. What’s your secret? We set standards high for every aspect of our farm.  We carefully raise the best animals that we can and provide them with a high quality of life.   They provide us with high quality milk to make our cheeses.

5. The question we should have asked is: When do you find time to sleep?


Meet Devin and Cara, the Flying Goat Farmers, this Saturday, 1/25/14 from 10am to 2pm at Wentworth Greenhouses.

flying goat farm cheese