Food for the Furloughed at Exeter Farmers’ Market, October 3

Due to recent government furloughs and in a show of support for our community members in time of need, some of the farms in the area will be offering free food to furloughed Federal employees at the Exeter Farmers’ Market on Thursday, October 3rd during market hours, 2:50 to 6 pm. So far Meadow’s Mirth, Stout Oak Farm, Heron Pond Farm, and New Roots Farm will all have either free items or to not charge furloughed employees at all. For participating farms, look for the sign at the market  —  many thanks to all those who join in!

One thought on “Food for the Furloughed at Exeter Farmers’ Market, October 3

  1. I’m very proud of my hometown! Though I live in Lebanon Maine now and my family is in furlough, this lifted our semi stamped on spirits!
    To know how many good and caring people are out there to help others in time of need is truly what I see to be a UNTIED USA!
    My husband is working at PNSY but not getting paid, we have 3 young sons and that is our only income, I’m praying for an end soon and also hoping your act if kindness will be played forward to so many Maine residence!!
    Thank you from an Exeter alumni!! Proud of my home town!!
    Brandi Labonte & family

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