Help Increase Local Food Access and Combat Hunger this Summer!

Seacoast Eat Local’s SNAP/EBT Farmers’ Market Program! Needs YOU! Help increase access to local fresh healthy food for low-income individuals and families, and volunteer!

Seacoast Eat Local is pleased to announce that our newest program has expanded from our Winter Farmers’ Market to two additional locations this summer — SNAP benefits (Food Stamps) are now accepted at the weekly Dover and Portsmouth Farmers’ Markets for year-round access! Thanks to the Thomas W. Haas Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation for their generous support in making this happen, and to Centrix Bank in Dover, and Long Term Care Partners in Portsmouth for additional funding.

Learn the Lingo!

SNAP: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the new name for the program formerly known as Food Stamps

EBT: Electronic Benefit Transfer, a card very similar to a debit card, is now the new form of payment/redemption for SNAP recipients

SNAP/EBT Farmers’ Market Program: Enables SNAP recipients to use their federal benefits at select local farmers markets, using their EBT cards to purchase tokens that can then be used to buy food!

Market Match: An Incentive Program that Doubles SNAP shoppers money up to $10 per person/per market! This really helps to extend customers SNAP dollars and make shopping at the farmers’ market more affordable.

What YOU can do to help

Help at the Market: Volunteers are needed to help at the SNAP/EBT booth to help answer customer’s questions, assist the program coordinator with EBT and debit transactions, and to provide new EBT shoppers with information and a farmers’ market tour.

Are you Handy? Our program needs two wooden A-frames to promote our program around town. Got extra lumber lying around? We could use your help!

Tell your Community: Help us promote this program all over the Seacoast region of New Hampshire. We can provide you with posters, fliers and more information to put up in your own community!

Make a Donation: Donations to continue and expand Seacoast Eat Local’s SNAP/EBT Farmers’ Market Program are always welcome! Donations may be made online here, help us reach our goal!

Market Schedule

Dover: Wednesday, 2:15 to 6pm, June 6 to October 3, 2012.
Dover Chamber of Commerce, corner of Central and Sixth streets, Dover, NH – map

Portsmouth: Saturdays, 8am to 1pm, May 5 to November 3, 2012.
City Hall, 1 Junkins Ave, Portsmouth, NH – map

If you are interested in volunteering with our exciting new program please contact Sarah Jacobson, the Program Coordinator, by email at [email protected], or by phone (607) 275-7499.

Support for this program is provided by the Thomas W. Haas Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. Additional funding provided by Centrix Bank in Dover, and Long Term Care Partners in Portsmouth.

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