Let’s Get Spicy! At Throwback Brewery May 8th

[Reposted from Throwback Brewery’s terrific newsletter, with grateful thanks and yippees and I Can’t Waits!]

Spicy-at-Throwback-Brewery-at-Hobbs-Farm-1024x729We look forward to this every year – the release of Spicy Bohemian, our jalapeño pilesener. We are so excited that, once again, we are throwing a party to welcome Spicy Bohemian to our Summer lineup! Please join us on Sunday, May 8, from 12-7pm at Hobbs Farm, as we celebrate spicy foods and spicy beers. There will also be live music from 1-4pm and a special tie-dye station with proceeds going to support Seacoast Eat Local.


Limited Edition Spicy Beers
In addition to Spicy Bohemian, we’ll be serving up a Thai-Spiced farmhouse ale, Chipotle Dippity Do, a Habanero Pilsener, and a special cask of our Double Dippity (smoked Double Brown Ale) with Ancho and Cayenne Peppers. For those of you wanting to relax in the beer garden, we’ll have our 1963 Divco beer truck right there pouring full pints of the spicy beers.


Spicy Food Specials
Chef Carrie has been dreaming up some delicious food specials to pair with Spicy Bohemian and its friends – like tacos! In addition to the maple-braised carnitas tacos that we have on our regular menu, Spicy Day will feature: Spicy Bohemian beer-battered fried fish tacos, smoked fish tacos, and flank steak tacos with pickled jalapeño relish (the jalapeños in the relish will come right out of the fermenter used to make Spicy Bohemian).

In addition to tacos, spicy fans can look forward to peppery, cheesy hush puppies with poblano goat cheese dipping sauce, grilled chili-marinated pineapple skewers, Kimchachos – Nachos w/kimchi, and chili & chocolate beer-battered fried brownie bites (yes, these are as good as they sound!). Weather permitting, Chef will be outside on her grill and portable fryer making many of these specials right before your eyes!


Tie-Dye Fundraiser
Since we’ve opened our doors here, Seacoast Eat Local has been very supportive of our business, helping us to connect with farmers and to sell our beer at Farmers’ markets. To support this amazing organization, we will have a tie-dye station running from 12-4pm, where you can tie-dye ‘I’m A Little Spicy’ shirts for $20. We’ll have adult and children sizes, so everyone can join in on the fun! All proceeds will go to support Seacoast Eat Local. We’re happy to be able to give back to Seacoast Eat Local, an organization that has done so much for us, and the local food scene and has brought farmers’ markets to towns all over the Seacoast.

We’d love to know who will be joining us! Check out our Facebook event and let us know you’re coming!

–Annette & Nicole