Our Programs

Seacoast Eat Local accomplishes its mission of supporting farmers and increasing access to local foods for all through four core program areas.

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Summer Farmers’ Markets – NEW! 

We operate summer farmers’ markets in four locations in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire: Portsmouth, Exeter, Dover, and Durham. These markets are open to the public and we accept SNAP/EBT as a payment method at all four markets. The markets are made up of a variety of different vendors who sell fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, eggs, honey, maple syrup, baked goods, value-added foods, hot prepared food, crafts, and body care products. All of our vendors make, grow, harvest, catch, or craft 100% of the products they sell at the market. We also have musicians, nonprofits, and other guests to help make the markets community-oriented and engaging.

To learn details about each market location, please visit our Summer Farmers’ Market page.

Seacoast Harvest

SHcover500px2015In our hallmark annual publication, Seacoast Harvest, our mission is to provide the information and resources necessary for consumers to access sources of local foods all year long in a variety of ways. Readers of this publication can find a listing of CSA programs, farm stands, farmers market programs and food businesses that source locally produced food items.

To learn more, visit our Seacoast Harvest page. 


Winter Farmers’ Markets

wfmSeacoast Eat Local is the organizer of the winter farmers’ market program at Wentworth Greenhouses and Exeter High School. Our efforts extend the revenue season for local farmers, helping to ensure their economic health through the off-season. These events create a complete circle of local food availability for consumers, proving local food can be a year round commitment! We pride ourselves on providing a space for farmers and consumers to gather and enjoy one another’s company.

To learn more or to download a winter farmers’ market schedule, visit our Winter Farmers’ Market page.

SNAP/EBT Benefit Programs

snapportsmouthSeacoast Eat Local strives to increase access to locally produced food among SNAP/EBT benefit recipients. We provide this vital service at all our winter markets and also at participating summer markets. Funding initiatives have allowed us to stretch the benefits for our clientele through matching incentives and our Close the Gap program.

To learn more about how you can participate in or support this vital program, please visit our SNAP/EBT Benefit Program page.

SAMM: Seacoast Area Mobile Market

SAMMsmallIn its ground breaking program debut in August of 2016, SAMM is New Hampshire’s first Mobile Market program. The goal of SAMM is to increase access to fresh local foods for residents of the Seacoast at their places of home and work. Aligning with our goal to provide greater access to local foods in all of our Seacoast communities, SAMM is also aimed at spreading and increasing the number of sustainable agricultural businesses in these areas. In similar fashion to Seacoast Eat Local’s SNAP program at farmers’ markets, SAMM accepts EBT/SNAP benefits for purchases and also runs incentive programs that are aimed at helping low-income individuals stretch their dollars at markets and purchase more fresh, local and healthy food.

To learn more about SAMM, please visit the SAMM Program page.

donatebuttonTo learn about how to support our programs through volunteering
or a monetary donation, please visit our page Get Involved.