Support your local butcher, and help bring MEat to the Seacoast!

1688795_636858436351588_609436249_nBe a part of southern Maine’s first whole animal butcher shop and fill the gap between locally, humanely raised animals and your plate. Through Kickstarter, butcher Jarrod Spangler, well-known through his work at Rosemont, hopes to open MEat in Wallingford Square, Kittery as early as this summer. In addition to whole animal butchery, MEat will also offer prepared meals to go, and will eventually produce cured meats. The campaign will outfit the shop with the necessary equipment to fulfill Jarrod’s vision of sourcing 100% locally, including a custom-built curing room necessary for producing salami, pancetta, prosciutto, coppa and many other traditional, old-world recipes that Jarrod learned while in Italy.

By working with farmers throughout Maine and New Hampshire, MEat will also be supporting those who raise their animals naturally and/or organically. “MEat will provide a consistent outlet for farmers who need to move product regularly in order to continue to thrive,” Jarrod explains. “In turn, MEat will also eliminate the bottleneck that occurs between producers and consumers by offering Seacoast residents the convenience of a storefront with regular business hours.”

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